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    It looks like it could be really good. I am betting that it is going to be good mixed with bad. I think we are in a time period where movies like the LOTR trilogy can’t be made because the people in charge don’t understand art anymore. Dune is one of those stories that deserves the LOTR trilogy treatment (Meaning that it deserves someone who love and respects the series to make the movies, and it deserves someone with the skills to bring it to life). I always worry about any property being made into a movie nowadays, but I’ve never felt anyone could create an adaptation that would give the original book its due.


    Dune is not a movie I worry about the person making, Denny has talked about it for years in different venues. He gets it, loves it and is a passion project for him. Now as long as there are no SJW-BEAN-COUNTERS hanging around making sure the “quota for woka” is met this should be a great movie…. Now I will always say, I am giving Kynes a chance, but this already has me concerned as it is a “Gender swap” and with a very well established book and character to do that makes me concerned. Only time will tell, I wish at one of the Panels if they have the balls to show up, someone point blank asks him why the Gender-Swap?


    DUNE looks just ok. It looks like something the director insists on being viewed in IMAX. One thing to his credit is that he stood his ground against streaming the entire time. He demanded a release. The gender and race swap of Keynes makes no sense, while I think at the same time that the race swap of Chani makes of lot of sense. Mainly because of what planets the characters come from. He is the thing about woke quotas and diversity quotas. We are seeing over and over and over again that it’s not working in cinema and it’s not working well in sports anymore. Also, it gets to the point where this whole forced Beer commercial relationship turns out cliches. For example, here is the trailer for Asimov’s Foundation. It looks almost exactly the same as DUNE:


    DUNE In IMAX Is Unreal! I Saw The First 10 Minutes of the Dune Movie & More!
    Secrets of Dune

    I was invited to the DUNE Imax Exclusive event in London. This is what happened


    Ok, so for the real die-hard fans, here is the “Ultimate cut” of the 1984 version. the 3 hour all edits version.

    For those who do not want to be spoiled, DONT read the books or watch this… Or Just understand even watching this, it is missing so much :

    Bless the Maker and His water. Bless His coming and His going. May His passage cleanse the world. May He keep the world for His people.


    good one. lots of info I did not know

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    One of the better videos so far, nice find


    Voice is used in the movie.

    I removed the video and will post a different one here when a good one comes out. Sorry about that. No delete button, but we can use this edit button.


    Wish I could delete 10 minute review above. Not up to the standards of the audience of this forum.


    #1 of Dune-Club
    Watch the reviewer before posting it… Oh he has no fricken clue about Dune, just jumping on the bandwagon…..Betting there will be many more in the weeks to come.

    Nerdcookies, Quinn and a few others are reliable.


    New Quinn video talking about sequel and Sisterhood. There are so many directions, spinoffs and shows they can do with the Dune source material. In fact, you know how they had the Schools of Dune trilogy with Sisterhood, Mentats and Navigators? If Brian and Kevin wanted to, they could do another trilogy after the Caladan trilogy and that could be: Cymeks of Dune, Gholas of Dune, and SwordMasters of Dune.

    Quinn talks about fans trying to carry this movie. Him and other fans like that this movie coming out is called “Dune: Part 1” with the “Part 1” being right there in the title itself. Not that interesting of a video, but I like that people out there have that anxiety and anticipation and hope for the next big franchise series. We were kind of lucky in our era, weren’t we? I mean, among others, LOTR/Hobbit and Marvel went on a huge run of quality movies almost back to back. Those 2 franchises really delivered.


    Dune P-2 is happening that is not a question, makes for good click-bait, but It is happening. Or should I say is already happene(d)<ing>

    Now as to the others: Those “Sisterhood, Mentats and Navigators” would be better off made for (tv) in the GOT fashion, I cannot see any of the Books being made in to another Movie, not that they cannot, but more because they would need to be done so people can multi-view to understand the story (saying that if they do the story right as it is complex) well to complex for most the people today, I swear they need to be spoon-fed info as they just cannot use their brain an imagination to understand complex plots.

    The Books themselves:
    Dune Messiah
    Children of Dune
    God Emperor of Dune
    Heretics of Dune
    Those could be made in to stand alone movies “IF” the tv series numbers can support their making. I really think a lot of this will depend on how Bright Jasons Star remains because now that he is Duncan, he will have to carry the movies.


    I don’t think any film can be successful now under pandemic conditions. Our leaders have almost ensured that businesses fail and no one makes money.


    Latest Quinn video on material that is near the “end” of Dune. Kind of goes with the way I read the books because, for some reason, I read Heretics after the final two books because I just couldn’t get my hands on it. I read like four of the originals, then Brian and Kevin and then, Heretics, and Heretics was way better after reading Brian and Kevin’s books. The reading flowed like Spice.

    Dune: The Tleilaxu Mistake

    Quinn’s Ideas

    As we talked about before the Dune saga in large part is about the different potential ways in which humanity can develop and the issues associated with each of those paths. In this video, we will discuss the Bene Tleilax, the deeply religious and extremely Xenophobic group of humans who live on the fringe of the imperium.

    The Tleilaxu, more than perhaps any other group in the Dune universe, have a poor reputation throughout the imperium They are known to be deceptive, untrustworthy. Their technology is also a matter of controversy throughout the human empire. The Tleilaxu focused an emphasis on biological technology, that is genetic tinkering of human DNA. The Tleilaxu homeworld was on the fringes of the human empire and they did not allow visitors from off-world to land upon their planet.

    The Tleilaxu represent a specific niche in the new set of human evolutionary branches which all begin to bud during the turmoil left in the wake of the Butlerian Jihad.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/IDEASOFICE_FIRE


    Why Do The Bene Gesserit Fear Immortality?

    Quinn’s Ideas

    Human beings, like all other life on this planet, are mortal. And ever since the ancient world we have attempted to find ways to extend our lives. Alchemy is a branch of philosophy created in the ancient world. Those who called themselves alchemists attempted to perfect and purify certain elements, many believed that through perfection of the human soul and body one could create the ultimate work of alchemy, the idea is often thought of today as the creation of the Philosopher’s stone. The philosopher’s stone would be able heal any illness, turn any metal into gold, and most importantly grant immortality. Though people have been trying to figure out how to create the philosopher’s stone since 300 CE, no one has ever accomplished this.

    In the third book in the Dune series, Children of Dune the Lady Jessica Atreides returns to the planet Arrakis after being gone for two decades. In the time since she was last on Arrakis much had changed. The former Emperor of the Imperium Shaddam the IV is dead and house Atreides rules on the human universe from the planet Arrakis. Jessica’s daughter, Alia, now sits the throne as regent until Paul’s pre-Born twins Leto and Ghanima come of age, the Princess Irulan Paul’s wife acts as protector to his children.

    When Jessica arrives on Arrakis she immediately notices that both the Princess Irulan and her Daughter, Alia are both using forbidden Bene Gesserit techniques in order to slow their aging.



    Dune Lore: The History of House Atreides (DUNE 2021)

    A discussion of the history of House Atreides from Frank Herbert’s Dune with a focus on the notable events that shaped the culture and legacy of the Atreides Noble House before and throughout the Dune saga. Starting with Vorian Atreides and moving through the Old Duke, Paulus, Duke Leto, Paul and Alia Atreides, as well as the God Emperor Leto II and Ghanima. SPOILER WARNING as I am discussing MAJOR events that happen throughout Frank Herbert’s Dune Saga as well as Denis Villeneuve’s Dune 2021.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/nerd_cookies

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