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    20200802_112354Post your old school D&D miniatures,  character sheets,  books, etc.




      My blue dragon

    Minus the three in the upper left, had all those and more.

    The artwork collected in the Tome of Magic was the best. My best friend of the time furthered our imaginations by running with a rumor that many of the characters depicted in that artwork, including the cover work on the priest book there, were in fact the High Gods of all the AD&D worlds. True or not, we, and later I, ran with it and it formed a foundation of games and fiction for years using that concept.

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    The artwork in all these is amazing.20200802_120324


    20200802_115625These dice saved me soooooooo many times!


    My dwarves.20200802_115532


    The 2 characters I played the most 20200802_115553


    Proud paint job on this guy20200802_11542620200802_115436


    Now for the evil side20200802_11544920200802_115336


    My Core DnD books

    This is just one section.

    “monstrous compendiums” are in a different location.

    Boxed Sets are in another location.

    Modules are in another location.


    Damn, I miss my weekly AD&D2e sessions.

    Damn lock downs.


    That collection of D&D books is AWESOME!!!  Holy moly.



    That makes the lockdown (and dust collecting on them) all the more sad.

    As much as I prefer the table top/in person gaming, I might have to eventually look at how online games would work.


    Yeah.  Miss in person myself.  😥


    BabyYodaThis is my favorite…combining my love for Baby Yoda and D&D


    20201005_12103220201005_121050I played Twilight 2000 back in the day as well. Another fun RPG.

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