Elections that take days to count

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      It’s amazing to me how some elections can be finished up in about the same day they happen, while others take days to count.

      The way I look at this is simple.  We can argue about who is putting their thumb on the scale, but elections that take more than 1 evening or possibly to the next say to tally are the result of shenanigans going on.  ZERO doubt in my mind that is the case.

      Surely a discussion can be had as to whom is cheating and why and how.  But at the same time whenever something like this happens the election appears to always tip in 1 direction.

      Maybe 1 side cheats better than the other, I don’t know.  My point is BS is occurring.


      But to point out there might be “shenanigans”, you are automatically called an election denier, conspiracy theorist, against “democracy”, etc.

      Yet, while creating laws that any ballot postmarks the day of the election, and allowing time for it for arrive at the counting location, is stupid.  If you can mail it the day off the election, you could easily make it to the polling station to vote.

      IMO, if it takes three days for mail within a state to be delivered, then the cutoff for mailing ballots is THREE-DAYS before election day.

      Anything AFTER that is invalid.  Does not count, etc.


        I think the whole problem there is mail in for the general public.  It just should not exist.  Vote the day of in person or do the in person early voting.  There was never any need for mail in.  In my opinion that was designed with shenanigans in mind.


          I am a denier. I deny that all our elections are fair and there is no corruption or cheating.


            I am with you. Look at Arizona.  I mean how much more shenanigans does there have to be before people realize it?  And then when it happens the Democrat ALWAYS wins and in this case by a TINY margin.

            The thing here is they might do a recount or some other such checking into things.  But they can NEVER change the winner.  I mean NEVER or the jig is up.


            I call shenanigans, BS, Red flags and every other term in the book….

            How does that one side always seem to come up with the required number of votes, and just a few more to push em over the top at the 11th hour.?


            Something is rotten in the state of denmark.



            Obviously election results in the US are BS. The deep state decides the outcome. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. They can’t get away with it everywhere yet, but they don’t have to. They have to give conservatives hope to keep them complacent.




            If election results are now inconclusive, untennable….whatever.

            Since there is the likelihood of cheating…sorry to say this but if Trump announces his intentions to run,…against Biden, he may seem to take the win but the last minute fuckery of the opposition will steal it out from under him…just like before.


            My opinion.



            That was why the “deep state” was not ready in 2016, and the overwhelming number of votes the political outsider got compared to their queen in waiting.

            They had four years to make sure their puppet got it with the most votes in history.

            And they were ready to make sure any and all evidence of anything questionable were never allowed to make it to court/was buried by social media/was buried by the legacy media.

            “Democracy aka democrats” have felt threatened ever since the sheep began to wake up and voted for what was in THEIR OWN best interest, and not that of the elites.

            And I agree with the statement: the longer it takes to call an election, the greater the chances they are looking for votes for their preferred candidate.

          Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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