Eternals are Nephilim

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    I ran across this article.  In it, they are saying that eternals will introduce “nephilites”.    I hope people understand what Hollywood is trying to do.  They are trying to normalize in the minds of people that the idea of Nephilim is normal.  After all, bible prophecy says that the Fallen Angels and the Nephilim will return.  Nothing is really random.  They are conditioning us.


    Why do people need to be outraged about everything? Just a comic/movie rumour site posting rumours as usual and people are losing their shit?

    Also if that is true…. So what? They just aren’t called mutants


    There are 2 sides to this.

    1) we really all don’t need to get pissed about everything, it’s a waste of energy and just makes people bitter

    2) we SHOULD realize that there IS a lot of lies out there and Hollywood does indeed try to normalize certain things, they have for decades

    The trick is to know which angle to take with whatever is at hand…


    That can be said for almost ALL superheroes… they are super-human, super-natural, non-earthly, etc.

    I have heard that a long time ago.

    People adoring a man that can fly?  Satanic!

    People adoring climbing a wall like a spider?  Satanic!

    Aliens and monsters and evil spirits?  etc.

    Users of Magic and speaking with demons and devils?  Satanic!

    Talking and interacting with deities or “higher” beings?  Satanic!

    The normalizing and making pop culture icons on such non-human beings.

    Done before.

    And it will be done again and again.

    For scene rant, I think it is all a click bait attention needing.


    Eternals Is The Lowest Rated Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie OF ALL TIME

    Ryan Kinel – RK Outpost


    As I said a while back, I don’t know anyone who wants to see this God-awful film. “We didn’t interfere unless we needed to”. I would’ve thought that what with Thanos being half-Eternal and wiping out half the world on ‘Infinity War’ would’ve been a great time for them to interfere with the MCU or during WW2! It doesn’t make any sense for them to pop up now. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed that massive plot-hole on the trailer!

    People can argue the fact that it’s because they’re using lesser-known characters on this film and the rest of Phase 4 but with a good script and the right direction, lesser-known characters can become household names overnight. Look at what happened with Iron Man and Thor as good examples.

    Sorry but I’ll be watching ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ instead of this snooze-fest!


    @DragonLady You are not going to experience the two best lines in all of movie history?

    You know what’s never saved the planet? Your sarcasm.

    Fall Collection. IKEA.

    But seriously though, we know where Nephilim word comes from. As for super powers and mutants, I don’t blame anyone for the satanic panic, but who has the best powers? Like walking on water, parting the sea, throwing a staff on the ground and the wood turns into a giant snake, Hitting rocks with a staff and water seeps out of the rock to drink, turning water into wine, a burning bush that talks, etc. The word Nephilim supposedly comes from that very same book.


    Why do people need to be outraged about everything?

    So they can label themselves as victims.

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