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      The Eternals, the Marvel movie we were all waiting for… or not

      Personally, i’m a sucker for Marvel movies, and love going to the cinema anyway, so any excuse to get my butt in a theater is a good one, that said, this movie has done nothing to get me exited, hyped, running around like a hyperactive baboon at the mere mention of it, heck, i was more hyped up about Dark Phoenix, well that didn’t end well, so, here’s all the things going against this movie, and maybe one or 2 things for it, i’ll see:


      1) Pointless gender swaps – Why, WHY?? Plus, it’s not like they didn’t have a way to include more female characters without Gender swapping the originals, there is such a thing as legacy characters, some of the Originals could’ve had daughters, and maybe these original Eternals were busy on another mission, so their daughters filled in for them under the guidence of some of the other original members

      2) The director – Now this is just my personal opinion, liking a director or not is subjective, but i tried watching one of Chloe Zhao’s movies, and cried, because it was so slow i couldn’t watch more than 15 minutes of it, and i don’t want a 2 hour movie to feel like it’s 10 hours!

      3) The trailer – This trailer should’ve made my eyes sparkel and sent my brain into overdrive imagining the infinite different ways the movie could be, it didn’t do that, i’ll admit, it was cute, but it wasn’t amazing


      1) The time period(s) – One thing that might be interesting (though i suspect this is only gonna be in the beginning of the movie), seeing the Eternals thru the different time periods, from ancient times to present day, i will say this is one thing i was curious about from the moment they announced the movie

      2) That one scene at the end of the trailer – What? I like my superhero movies with humor, and if there’s more scenes like that with the Eternals joking around, it might still be a shit show, but at least it’ll be a fun shit show

      What are your thoughts on Eternals? I have a wierd feeling i already know the answer to this question…


      I watched the trailer this morning…

      …so boring. Seriously, that had to be one of the most boring trailers for a super hero movie I’ve ever seen. I cringed at least two or three times. I totally don’t care.


      oh kay?

      WTF what that?

      As a non-Marvel Comics expert, I watched this and said.. so what?

      Other than thinking these “eternals” might be the comicbook versions of the Anunnaki.

      So, after this trailer I ask… so what?  There is nothing of interest.  No story, no plot, nothing…. in other words… BORING!

      It is like they are no longer trying to make this phase of the mcu for the general paying customer.



        Other than thinking these “eternals” might be the comicbook versions of the Anunnaki.



        Not a good sign for a movie when the teaser trailer feels way too long.


        As in one scene, they had the group standing infront of what looked like the walls of ancient babylon:

        The Anunnaki: are a group of deities of the ancient Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians.

        I am not familiar with Jack Kirby’s work on the Eternals, so I don’t know how much inspiration the Anunnaki had on creating the Elternals.


        It’s gonna flop and it deserves to. It doesn’t even have the coattails of Endgame like Captain Marvel did. As someone who actually cared about the Eternals, it was so insulting what Marvel did to it so I’m glad it’s getting released too late.


          FLOP before it is even out.

          Can we get Gods of Egypt 2


          Can we get Gods of Egypt 2


          That was bad, but the category of good bad that you at least smiled while watching it.


            🤣🤣🤣 Yeah, there are a few instances in hystory the Eternals could’ve helped out with

            But to be fair, on Thanos, i’ve always been of the belief that Thanos’s snap was not random, so if he didn’t want the Eternals to interfere he would’ve just snapped them all out of existence, half of all living beings, and the Eternals are living beings


              @Roas… be nice to my guilty pleasure.


              @Mustangride1 Dude, considering some of my guilty pleasures, I’m never gonna judge.


              Dead on Arrival. I’m not wasting time watching this garbage. Avengers hippie version. They’re more focused on making something woke than something good.
              Hard pass.


                I get more fun listening to Gary, Jeremy, Az and crew rip this godawful company than I would watching their propaganda movie


                I would also add u-tubers Mr.H Reviews and Doomcock.

                I enjoy their reviews better than the actual show/film/etc.


              Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 45 total)
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