Even though I hate Disney Star Wars. I am still a fan of George and Daves work!!

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    Hey all, I know I am new but I see that in the forum there is a lot of talk about things we do not like.

    I do like Star Wars … except the sequel trilogy… and I would like to share what I hope George and Dave will bring us once the KKK (Kathleen Kennedy Klub) has been removed from the Disney Cancer… I mean Cooperation. :-/ my bad.


    Originally I made it for Jeremy, Doomcock and all the content creators that provide us with great content all about Star Wars. I just want to share it with you and would like some feedback if you like it. I just started to edit so please don´t be too honest with me. I appreciate it.





    Disney is full of KK clones. The only way Star Wars gets saved is if Disney’s force choke on the franchise is completely broken.


      “please don´t be too honest with me”, sorry, i can’t comply to this, i’m honest to a fault, that’s just how i am, so here’s my brutally honest opinion:

      Congrats @Smilodon07, that’s some great ediding for someone who’s just started 👍 took me a while to figure out those were 2 seperate battles 😸


      Nice of you. I know I am maybe getting ahead of myself. Here is a 2nd try.

      And I remain standfast. I AM A FAN OF STAR WARS… just not the Disney version of it. Rey can kiss my ass and Keylo is a joke.

      Not ONCE was I ever intriged about him… stops a laser bolt in mid flight… can´t beat a 90 pound untrained girl – he is a fucking joke.

      But “The Clone Wars” still live on…



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      I like the 2nd better, but the first one is more brutal…. They are the same but different, the last one has an undertone to it.

      Just do not like it is fictional but it is a nice idea, keep trying. Looking forward for the next one if you make any.


      All good come in threes, I hope that once I get the hang of it I will get better at it but I think this one is also a watchable result.

      Need to figure out a few things which did not work out properly but yet I am still a noob… so, long story short. Thank you for all that watched them so far, I am really  glad I did not get a “Booo” yet. Maybe now :-)


      Sorry for the delay but I had a tiny prob with Youtube




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      That is different :-) not too bad but the 2nd one is better. How do you find the time for so many vids?


        Cool video, i will say though, this one felt more like a compilation deticated to Rex, where’s the first 2 videos run more smoothely, still, well put toghether 👍

        The Obi-Wan vs Maul video felt like it was one seamless battle, and the Anakin vs Dooku video could be a good flashback sequence 😸


        Thanks a lot all of you. I enjoyed doing them and appreciate your feedback, the next one is in der he works already, just the audio is not there yet. Cannot find anything good :-(


        Hello all, it took me some time since I tried other tools and ways to create it so it is more appealing and not everything worked as I was hoping for. In addition, I could not find the music easily. However, check it out and give me feedback so I can get better at it.

        May the Force be with you!


          Cool, this one has a videogame trailer feel to it 🎮


          Nice, the timing is getting better and the soundtrack sounded so familiar. Here and there I saw that the cutting was not 100% but the start was great.

          Until they got to kill the bad guys I was like   O_O  Still a very entertaining result.


          Again thank you for your kind words, yes the Sound is from Starkiller – I just swapped the music here and there and gave them additional tension. I hope that is what I did :-) So another one is ready and good to go. I see that the first video had some votes, the last one only a couple so I figured I will stick with the topic of the first one this time.

          If you like it, give it a thumps up, if not down. At least then I see what you like. (or if you are even watching it)



          May the force be with you, again!


          I have not even seen the last few star wars movies and I don’t even want to. If George and Dave came back that would be great. I’m pretty sure K. Kenndy Tricked George and Dave. Lied to their faces. Told them she wold respect the fandom and then did whatever she wanted to do.



            Cool music. This one has a similar feel to the Rex video, it’s like a best of Grievous’s battles

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