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      the dark knight is the most overrated movie of all time, and its not better than the dark knight rises, there are so many more objective plot holes and just stuff that doesn’t make sense. its way worse than the third, id say its upper-mid tear for a super hero movie AT BEST! this movie is just always getting jerked off to infinity and beyond and its not THAT good, i mean its relatively good, i hate when people always use the dark knight as the bar to measure other super hero movies, its not that great bro the dark knight rises is way better. also transformers 2 was a great movie, and it was the best of them all, all of transformers is underrated except the bumble bee movie which is trash, green lantern wasn’t that bad id say it was relatively good, spider man 3 was awesome,the original fantastic 4 movies were good, also deadpool 2 was trash, the daredevil movie was good, xmen origions wolverine is f**king fantastic and ist the best xmen/wolverine movie of all time, also all of zack Snyder movies are bad and make me fall asleep, and for my dbz fans the new broly movie was disappointing and og broly is waaaay beter. im not trolling these are all legit opinions, feel free to debate me on any of them. lets get some debates started. i want to see your arguments for why any of these are bad movies

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      Not the biggest fan of The Dark Knight, only part i really liked is Heath Ledger’s Joker

      Loved Transformers 2, but also love Bumblebee

      Grew up on the original Fantastic 4 movies, and they’re among my favorite superhero movies

      Deadpool 2 wasn’t trash, it’s actually one of the few movies that made me cry

      I found the Green Lantern CGI costume pretty realistic

      Daredevil, X-Men Origions Wolverine and Spider-man 3 were ok

      Man Of Steel was really slow, Batman v Superman was kinda slow, enjoyed Justice league

      I liked Rise Of Skywalker, all of it (exept Reylo, barf)



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        bumble bee started off cool but got real slow, it felt like a disney channel straight to cable movie like a girl finds a talking car and makes friends with it and has adventures.

        also i enjoyed justice league i think its bad but its  enjoyable for what it is same with bvs and suicide squad.

        im really conflicted on rise of skywalker it felt empty to me i had no love for the characters, the last 2 movies failed to build strong bonds with the audiences and characters, this movie reminds me of when im taking a math test (im horrible at math) and i spent the whole time trying to work out like 2 problems and i realise i have 5 minutes and 48 questions left so i just think somethings better than nothing and i just go through circling the best looking answers, and i scribble random numbers to look like i showed my work. that pretty much the rise of skywalker, they wad to just circle answers and try to play it off and hope for the best, i will get them credit in that kylo rens story was decent the fight with ray the best of the trilogy and him sensing his mothers death made me almost tear up, but his death wasnt earned i think

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          For me the biggest problem Rise Of Skywalker has is that it’s extreamly rushed, especially the beginning, and that didn’t allow for much character developement, but i think that’s a problem started by Last Jedi. If you look at the originals and prequels, they do have some kind of formula, 1st movie introduces the characters, 2nd movie has big reveal for the main hero, 3rd movie concludes everything with a message, the meaning behined the trilogy. Last Jedi skipped that 2nd step and many other things, i think that gap in the trilogy’s a big part of what took away meaning from the sequels. I do apreciate that Rise Of Skywalker does conclude with it’s final message, but unfortunately it gets lost in the chaos created by a certain karen (you know who i’m talking about)

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      Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition is one of the best comic book films ever.

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        ive ben thinking about getting the ultimate edition but i just feel like what could it change that would make me like the movie , i feel that way about the jl snyder cut too

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          It definitely beefs up the story a bit and makes it a more coherent film.  Definitely give it a watch.  I can’t guarantee it’ll change your mind too much if you disliked the theatrical release, but there’s certainly a chance your opinion on it will improve.

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            I thought for a moment you were being sarcastic, but it looks like you really enjoyed it.


            It started pay for me, but went downhill REALLY fast. The “we are now friends because Martha” was the nail in the coffin for me.

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      The Dark Knight Rises is a better movie than Batman Begins. The Dark knight is still the best though.

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      Deadpool is really dumb and same with Shazam. Not sure why so many people like them.

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        i agree the shazam movie is overrated too, i like the character of billy/shazam but i dont like the other kids being involved its stupid to me

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          I liked Shazam, and Deadpool

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            Thats why it a unpopular opinion lol

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      Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a masterpiece.

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      Citizen Kane – whilst a genuine cinematic masterpiece in film making ……………. is overrated TOSH!!!

      Batman Begins – is actually the best Nolan Batman and is a genuine origin story with no overbearing bad guy (as it should be)

      Inception – is a very shiny turd, proving in fact that you CAN polish a turd

      The Last Jedi – has one single redeeming factor, it looks and feels like a Star Wars movie, more than the other trash Disney stuff.

      James Cameron – is one of the most overrated directors of all time, but is a master of the blockbuster and feeding us what we THINK we want.

      Carol Baskin – is a fucking bitch

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        Batman Begins’s probably my favorite of The Dark Knight trilogy

        Gonna have to disagree with you on Last Jedi, only redeeming factor in it for me are porgs

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          LMAO! Shit, That shows just how little I take notice of new Star Wars ….. I meant Rise of Skywalker!!!! Jeebus H Christ, what a slip of the keyboard. Last Jedi is fucking abhorrent!

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            HAHAHAHA!! Well, i do agree with you on Rise Of Skywalker, have a post on it near the beginning of this thread. Maybe next time use the force before posting ;P


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              Weird isn’t it, neither of the other 2 have any Star Wars feel/look, Rogue one is the only other.

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                Agreed, Rogue One and Rise Of Skywalker have the closest feel/look of Star Wars. I do also like Force Awakens, even though it does feel like they tried to remake A New Hope, but i can kinda understand why it was like that as Kylo was absoloutly obsessed with Vader

                What are your thoughts on Solo? For me it has the least fell/look of Star Wars, but not the way Last Jedi does, it was different, but i still enjoyed it

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                  Unpopular opinion – it was acceptable, I enjoyed parts of it, the set pieces were good as were the supporting cast …….. but the forced CHILD queen at the end and non-binary (oh the irony) droid? agenda? Fuck that.  But ……. Lando, he will always be a fly mother fucker with a cape and I like me some cape.

                  The main 2 were pretty horrendous, we already knew it was game over with Dragon Tits actress but with cardboard Solo? Jeebus wept.

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                    Even more unpopular opinion, i actually liked their potrayals of Han and Qi’ra :D

                    Alden’ll never be Harrison Ford, but he had a really, really tough job taking over the role from him, and i appriciate that he never tried to compete with Harrison

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          what makes them good to you?

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            I don’t remember much about Batman begins, only that it’s the one i enjoyed the most out of the trilogy, and my fave scene, when Bruce jumps in a fountain with his cloaths on at a party he’s hosting :D

            I don’t think Last Jedi’s good, in fact the more i watch it the more it pisses me off, the only thing keeping me from compleatly loosing my shit over it are porgs

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      The MCU has always sucked.

      The Nightmare On Elm Street remake is just as good as the original.

      Snyder’s DC movies have problems but are, overall, solid.

      The Matrix sequels are good.

      Most of the Saw movies are good (even if they aren’t really horror movies)

      Shazam is the worst DCEU movie (Although, Justice League is the most forgettable).

      The Dark Knight Rises is just as good as The Dark Knight and Batman Begins.

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      hey guys i dont just want us to be saying i like this and that, i want to get some arguments going, like if you disagree with me or someone else, then tell me why, feel free to rip me apart in a argument, were all geeks and gamers here, no ones gonna call you toxic fans lol, i want to get an understanding of why someone hates transformers 2 green lantern or why you love batman V superman etc. you dont have to make an argument if you dont want to but just know its encouraged.

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      I like every Pixar movie I’ve seen, including Cars 2. I don’t care that it’s different and doesn’t feel like a Pixar movie, I still enjoyed it for the action and music.

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      I am about to watch Dark Knight Rises tonight. The main problem I have with Dark Knight is that I’ve seen it twice and I can’t remember any of it,

      besides the Joker, and a few memes from it. Batman Begins however I rememberpretty much all of it.
      Now on to Dark Knight Rises, which will probably waste way too much of my time, but what the hell, we gotta go over it again…

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        Enjoy the movie. No spoilers, but for me Bane was the best part of it

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      Batman Forever is a good movie

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      -It’s pretty hard to argue the Dark Knight point without any examples.

      -I think most of the Transformers movies are terrible. Though the first one manages to be somewhat decent. In comparison to the other ones, it gives Sam and Megan Fox (don’t remember her name) some character traits and attempts at development; doesn’t depict Optimus Prime as the bloodthirsty killer he is in later movies; and has three semi-coherent plot threads that come together at the end for a climactic battle, unlike the other films which can barely manage to for one coherent plot.

      -I thought the Green Lantern movie was bad. Most of the CGI is incredibly bad and unnecessary and it ruins one of the best superhero suits in comics. Using Parallax as the villain of the first movie is a retarded idea, not helped by the fact that he looks like a pile of shit. Also, the final battle looks more like a crappy video game than a movie. Hal is an annoying protagonist and Hector Hammond is a hopelessly unintimidating villain.

      -I don’t think Spider-Man 3 is good. It tries juggles way to much. Sandman and Gwen Stacy are complete wastes of time. The movie makes Peter seem like a doormat with things like him rightfully calling Harry for the bad friend he is or standing up to his landlord and JJJ being treated like bad things despite Peter being completely in the right. Not too mention all the other stuff that’s been called out a thousand times (Harry’s butler, Topher Grace, Emo Peter, etc.)

      -I actually don’t hate these movies. I think their fun movies that I genuinely enjoy and there are some aspects think are good, mainly the cast of the four, minus Alba. But, come on, that Doom was weak. He’s so bland and generic. Also, it’s kind of hard to call the Fantastic Four “superheroes” when the only times they do anything heroic are the bridge scene and the fight against Doom, two incidents that they caused.

      -I think Deadpool 2 was good.

      -I can’t speak on this too much since it’s been a while since I’ve seen X-Men Origins, but I do remember it being goofy as hell for no reason, especially not when the Origins comic was so much better and more dramatic.

      -This is your only point I agree with. I think MoS, BvS, Suicide Squad (I know it’s not Snyder, but it basically is), and Justice League are garbage.

      -I think it’s hard to compare with the DBZ thing. It depends on which use you prefer more. DBS Broly is an actual character while DBZ Broly is just a plot device with a really stupid motivation.

      -I haven’t seen Daredevil so I can’t comment on that.

      -One more thing, I don’t want to be that guy, but you should really check your spelling and grammar when you post. It makes your comments really difficult to read when I can’t tell where one sentence begins and where it ends.

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        – i only seen the first one twice so i cant say much about it , i just recall it being decent. i honestly cant see anything wrong with the plot of the second one, its a little complicated, but i love the journey it takes and the stories it tells, and i think it has a feeling of urgency and intensity, hopelessness at times, i loved all the auto-bots and side characters. if i had to change something maybe it would be the design of the fallen. thats it, the third one i feel the same about, good story, and decent characters. but megan fox being gone kinda made sams journey with her from the last 2 movies feel meaningless though. the 4th one i dont hate but i wish they went in a different direction, i understand people who dont like it, and the 5th on is terrible. bumble bee was trash. these movies fell off without sam. but overrall i love what transformers use to be. i keep hoping they’d go back to that.

        -so with the dark knight, harvey dent is supposed to be some good guy, like a saint whos committed to cleaning up the streets of gotham, then the girl hes dating who he hasn’t even known that long dies, and he abandons evereything he once protected and becomes a serial killer, he was gonna kill gordon and even the little kids, its completely unrealistic character turn. and right after the joker killed rachel, which caused harvey to go on this murder spree, the joker comes to his hospital and puts a loaded gun in harveys hand, and harvey didnt pull the trigger, but he went and killed everyone else who were somewhat slightly responsible, it makes absolutely 0 sense. also theres a sceen where batman drives his motorcycle full speed at joker, and crashes it for no reason, its the worst thing ive ever seen in an action movie. also joker escapes prison by detonating a bomb in the guys stomach in the jail cell, he was standing right infront of a bunch of cops, how did they just dissapear and joker walks out. also the sceen where joker crashes the party has no conclusion, batman saves racheal then the sceen just stops, like the joker and his gang being left in a room full of civilians isnt important. theses are just a few, i need to rewatch the movie, i dont remember everything but these issues alone is enogh for me to say this isnt one of the greatest superhero movies of all time, not even close.

        -geen lantern is one of the few super heros that a cgi suit makes sense for the suite is literally made of energy, i have no problem with the suit people are trashing it. i liked the story about paralax and fear vs will, i get why people dont like the way paralax looks, but thats really just one tiny issue. also i dont see how hal is anoying, i find him likable. hector wasnt meant to be intimidating obviously, he was really just supposed to be the opposite of hal, i think it fits the narrative. the final fight was cool for the standards of 10 years ago.

        -on spider man 3 the only thing ill give you is that emo peter was corny, but it was a fun sceen. other than that i disagree, i think all the stories were decently balanced and they all sever their purpose and had their place within the plot, peter and harry had a good arch to me and a satisfying conclusion, sandman had a satisfying story, everyone did,the only bad thing i can say is that peter and mj went through enough relationship problems in spiderman 2. in spiderman 3 i feel like they should have had a beter relationship. but thats  only if im thinking of the trilogy as a whole. if  we look at this movie alone its not a problem, either way its not a huge deal, also i have no problem with how venom looks.

        -in deadpool 2 the jokes werent landing, and the story wans soooo predictible, i knew the ending 5 minutes into the movie. cable shoulda just killed the fatt kid, colossus was so bad in this one, only things i liked was domino, cable, and the epic version of juggernaut.

        -to be fair i havent seen origins in a long time but i dont remember many goofy moments.

        i feel like you should go back and watch some of these outside the lens of popular opinion, and without being overly critical

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      Since I was countering his points in my first comment, I’ll post some of my unpopular opinions here:

      -Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3 are actually good.

      -I enjoy the Hobbit movies.

      -Aquaman is better than Wonder Woman.

      -The Civil War movie is better than the comic.

      -The Age of Ultron movie is not good, but still better than the comic.

      -Iron Man 2 is not that bad.

      -The Raimi trilogy is overrated.

      -The Last Crusade is better than Raiders.

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        -Pirates I agree with you

        -I also enjoyed the Hobbit movies, except for the Battle of the Five Armies.  I also think they should have ended Desolation of Smaug with the death of Smaug.

        -I was going to disagree with you on Aquaman and Wonder Woman, but as I was breaking them down to bring up why I thought Wonder Woman was better I came to a realization Aquaman had better character growth and story telling and made me feel for the other characters in the movie.  Instead of Wonder Woman where there was barely any character growth and the other characters in the movie where just slapped on to support Diana and Steve.  So yeah Aquaman is better than Wonder Woman.

        -Civil War movie being better than the comic am going to have to disagree unless you’re talking about Civil War II miniseries that came out around the same time as the movie.  Than I would agree the movie was better.   The crossover event: Civil War was amazing and far better than the movie. Where you had Tony Stark and Reed Richards going super authoritarian and arresting other supers, whom were resisting the Superhero Registration Act, by throwing them into the negative zone.  To give the movie it’s fair shakes though.  It would have been extremely difficult next to impossible to do the crossover event justice.

        -Age of Ultron almost the same thing as Civil war.  It depends on which Age of Ultron comic as there was a couple.  I will give you the benefit of doubt and think you’re talking about the Age of Ultron comic event that came out around the same time as the movie and I will agree.  The movie was not good, but still better than the comic.

        -Agreed Iron Man 2 was not that bad.

        -Hard to say on the Raimi Trilogy as the only one I really like from it was number 2.  That’s cause I think the portrayal of Doctor Octavis was fantastic.

        -100% agreed.   Last Crusade was the best Indiana Jones movie in my opinion.

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        i love age of ultron,

        i totally agree with pirates

        i dont think the rami trilogy is overrated i actually think its underrated, it had a good origin story, which is hard to come by these days, it had a sequel that is one of the best comic book/superhero movies of all time, and in my opinion it had a fantastic third movie, i wish spiderman 4 had happened, also the trilogy had great casting.

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        My only issue with the 2nd and 3rd pirates movies were all the backstabbing and constant alliance changes. Everyone backstabbed each other 3 or 4 times, it was hard to keep track as to who was working for whom or who was trying to undermine whom. I just felt it was a bit over done, especially in the 3rd movie.

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      For me it’s a tie for Aquaman and Wonder Woman, they’re both really good in their own way

      Iron Man 2’s not terrible, but it’s the most forgettable, it took me like 5 watches before i remembered more than Black Widow’s introduced in it and Vanko has a pet parrot

      Not the biggest fan of the Raimi trilogy, though i do have some nostalgia for it as i grew up with it, but some scenes that are suppost to be seriouss or emotional just crack me up instead. I have a more emotional connection to the OG Fantastic 4 movies

      Raiders Of The Lost Ark’s my fave Indiana Jones movie so…

      (this was suppost to be a reply for CraigtheBadGuy, my internet fried while was posting it)

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        i agree wonder woman and aquaman are both good its hard to choose.

        i totally agree with you on iron man 2 its not bad but its one of those weird movies where you cant remember what happens, even after multiple watches, i watched it like 4 times and i can only tell you like half of the plot if i think really hard.

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      i just wanna add some more fuel to the flames here, all three matrix movies are 10/10 the last 2 always get slept on but i think their amazing.

      also john wick 3 was lame, it was extremely disappointing, he constantly needed help from people, and he coped his own fingers off like a bitch

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      Normally, I don’t care for the big CGI fight scenes but Aquaman didn’t make me cringe the way all fight scenes went in all of the Transformer movies. Of course the Michael Bay characteristic explosions and obligatory use of air horns are over done.

      I enjoyed Deadpool and Batman because it broke the mold, now we got copy cats.

      Im not a fan of the MCU because the good guys fight copies of themselves, I’m jaded from the countless Easter Eggs, and stupid end credit scenes that seem to add little.

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        transformers movies have epic fight scenes i honestly think their handled well, i dont mind CGI, while im watching a movie my mind doesnt constantly think”this is CGI”. the only time i notice CGI is if it really bad, like low budget horror movie bad, it has to look like a cartoon. but i think transformers looks pretty realistic.

        the good guys fighting copies of themselves is universal, in dc, marvel, action movies in general, and also just about every single super hero has an arch nemesis, that has relatively the same powers, because that just makes logical sense, like is loki supposed to be the villan for black panther or is yellow jacket supposed to be a villan for thor? they must be relative in power to each other, thats the way its always been so you expect them to ignore the most popular villans for each hero just to shake things up. and as the icing on the cake, marvel doesnt even do it that much, like maybe 6 movies out of the 23 have that formula, its just a made up problem by mcu haters. also i dont see why end credit scenes or teasers make you dislike  the movies. you must be the type of person who doesnt like surprises. a end credit scene isnt even a valid reason to hate a whole movie.

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          Copy cats is a safe formula, some people like it. I find it kind of boring for films. For example: Iron Man, I & II, the bad guy is a replica of the good guy. In Black Panther, Warmonger is an exact copy of BP, Ant man, and so on. It’s like playing World 1-1 on Super Mario Brothers, but adding different skins. Should I mention that I’m bored of the hubris formula, too? Hero is good at what he/she does. Over time the hero turns into an arrogant prick but is punished by his/her hubris by his copy-cat. Hero must change into order to beat copy-cat bad guy. Spiderman, Iron Man and Dr. Strange are guilty of this.

          i dont mind CGI, while im watching a movie my mind doesnt constantly think”this is CGI”.

          Everyone has their own preference. For me, when I see a CGI monstrosity fighting with the hero, I’m like “oh no, what duex ex machine will they use to save the day?” Zero tension is built.

          “also i dont see why end credit scenes or teasers make you dislike the movies.”

          Because it’s overdone, trite, a cliche, jaded, boring, overdone, well-worn, banal, hackney, timeworn, threadbare, overdone. Get the point?

          “you must be the type of person who doesnt like surprises”

          Thank you for assuming to know what I like and what I don’t.

          a end credit scene isnt even a valid reason to hate a whole movie.”

          No, but it helps me despise a movie even more. How about, putting it inside the movie in an organic way rather then forcing it at the end?


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            I have to agree with the end credits scenes. Really, any follow up scenes should be done right before the credits role. Why make the audience sit there through all those names? The only real exception that I have to this was at the end of the credits for The Phantom Menace when the music stopped and then we heard Vader breathing. As a 17 year old seeing a brand new Star Wars movie in the theater for the first time, that sent chills up my spine.

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            well  that formula applies to pretty much every single super hero ever, so you must not like the genre at all, also theres a reason its commonly used in comics, the antagonist being similar version of the protagonist that took a darker path, has many profound meanings behind it, and its always makes for compelling stories, thats why it thrives, in the most popular comics, movies, anime, everything. like who do yo want them to fight? imagine, if black panther had to fight someone a villan with laser powers or magic or something, it wouldn’t be a compelling battle it would literally have to end in an ex machina, thats just one example, the fights and conflict has to make sense is my point

            also saying the formula is just over used doesnt make sense, thats like saying the 3 act structure of movies is over used, even though its good, people find it compelling and it works well, people should stop using it just because its used frequently?

            also i still dont understand how the end credit scenes, getting fans excited for the future movies are a bad thing, it lets fans know the direction in the future, and its genius marketing,its basically a little mini trailer for the next movie theres no problem with that, do you think movie trailers are jaded and over used too? and if you hate it that much then just skip them you could watch the whole mcu without the end credit scenes and it would effect nothing. its just nonsense to say the movie suffers in any way from a 10 second clip after the credits, and it is organic in my opinion, they also do many teasers throughout the run time, also timeline wise the end credit scenes are always things that happen after the events of the movie thats why its in the end credits, it only makes sense that way chronologically, therse like no reason to hate them.

            so ive established that at 10 second clip after credits holds no weight on enjoyment of the the other 2-3 hours of the movie, so your only left with the fact that you dont like the similar good guy bad guy thing, so minus the movies with that in it, what are your problems with avengers, iron man 3, civil war, gardians of the galaxy, spiderman homecoming, antman and the wasp, age of ultron, thor, guardians of the galaxy 2, infinity war, far frome home, dark world, ragnarok, endgame…ect.

            also idk why you took my comment about not liking surprises seriously or personally.

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              MCU popularized end credits and now everyone has to copy it.

              This was never used in: Blade I-III, Howard the Duck (it was a marvel movie), Superman I – V, 1970’s spiderman movies, Fantastic 4, Spawn, Watchmen, Heavy Metal, Conan, Batman movies, and so on.

              For me it doesn’t break a movie, but it adds to the bore factor.

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      Rise of Skywalker is undeniably better than the Last Jedi but still suffers from the same affliction that all J J Abrams movies suffer from, over reliance on coincidence and convenience. Abrams just adds in whatever he needs for the plot without building the road up to it. He did the same type of stuff in Star Trek 2009.

      In the Force Awakens the Falcon just happens to be parked under a tarp on the same planet as the hero? It hasn’t worked in years but she manages to get it started up and takes it into battle in minutes? Then we have the knife in the Rise of Skywalker that has an edge that lines up perfectly with the outline of the Death Star debris (that would have randomly formed during the explosion in Return of the Jedi). I will say that I absolutely enjoyed Poe’s scenes in Rise of Skywalker. I felt he got a lot more respect after what happened in Last of the Jedi. The opening scene with him and Finn was some of the best from the Disney era. Finn was better as well, when he wasn’t crying out for Rey.


      I think the Godfather, though a good movie, is over rated, boring and too long. Just like Canto Bight in The Last Jedi, the entire sequence that shows Michael Corleone in Italy could have been reduced to about 5 minutes and it wouldn’t have changed the movie at all. We see Michael in Italy, fall in love, get married, she gets killed and then he returns to New York. That entire plot point could have been reduced to Don Corleone mention that Michael was in Italy, one of the rival families finds out and orders the hit, then we see Michael in Italy, the hit fails and then Michael returns home.

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        i think they should have centered the trilogy around fin,he should have been the focus and main character, his backstory is actually compelling, it wouldnt fix the problem of the first order and resistance and snoke and kylo being rip-off’s of the original trilogy.

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      Avatar is the most overrated movie of all time…Its basically Dances with Wolves in space.

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        I have to agree with this. I wasn’t one of those looking for a sequel when the movie first came out so it doesn’t bother me that it has taken Cameron this long to make the rest of the films.

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      joel schmuacker’s batman films while not as good as burtons aren’t that bad. they are fun to go back and watch especially batman and robin. it’s nice to have a batman film to just kick back and enjoy especially poison ivy fuck was she hot in the film. and how can you laugh at arnold’s one liners. the film is only terrible if you take it seriously.



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      oh heres another one, i have so many unpopular movie opinions i forgot to list alot of them. unbreakable, and glass, and really all of M. Night Shyamalan’s movies are very bad in my opinion.

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        What a twist!

      • #178234

        I found Unbreakeble very slow, but i liked the twist at the end. Haven’t watched Split or Glass yet

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      I attempted to watch Ready Player One, I got about 6 minutes into it before I gave up.

      Baring all common sense and comments made by Pitch Meeting  & Red Letter Media the movie looked like my grafx card just ate the barf burger (You Can’t Do That on Television ref) crammed with 80’s & 90’s nostalgia and threw up on my TV.

      I cant see how anyone could have invited the oasis without a legion of programmers, coders, play testers, QA, artists, beta testers and number of others support staff needed to create something that massive. None of the staff saw the old man adding eegg code to the game or discovered them prelaunch.

      Not to mention that real gamers or h@ck3r$ would have found them after after launch in 20 minutes.



      • #178202

        i  always heard good things about Ready Player One but ive never felt motivated to watch it.

        • #178236

          Noy the best movie of all time, but i really enjoyed it, good plot and killer VFX, will admit though, part of the reason i enjoyed it so much might be ’cause i’m a real sucker for nostalgia ;P

    • #178237

      Joker is less unique than Anime

    • #178931

      My unpopular opinion: 2004 Catwoman shouldn’t be considered one of the worst movies ever made. I think the main reason that movie is hated is because their version of Catwoman has absolutely nothing to do with the one from the comics, which I totally understand. Having said that, the movie is not necessarily “horrible”, just cheesy and corny at most, a little cringe sometimes.

    • #179092

      James Cameron is an over rated talentless hack. His only good movies were the first two terminator movies. He then shit on that legacy with Dark Fate. Titanic was terrible, boring and overlong. Didn’t even bother with Avatar and won’t see the shitty sequels.

      Peter Jackson is a fat, bloated talentless hack. TLOR was a dull, boring, dreadful trilogy. The Hobbit trilogy ended up basically being TLOTR version 2.

      • #179374

        its ironic you mention james cameron because i just watched alita battle angel yesterday, but i agree i like the  first 2 terminator films and thats really it, i think avatar was big just because of the special effects and visuals at the time

        • #179433

          Alita battle angel was good. I completely forgot he did that, but I still stand by my opinion about him.

          • This reply was modified 1 week, 4 days ago by blankBigfellah26.
          • This reply was modified 1 week, 4 days ago by blankBigfellah26.
      • #179441

        What about The Abyss? Come on….that is an awesome movie.

    • #179376

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Flash and Aquaman should have gone before Justice League instead of Justice League coming before aquaman and flash.</p>

    • #179432

      I disliked Black Panther, Thor Ragnarok, Captain Marvel, and Iron Man 3. Horrible movies imo. The 4K Marvel movies box set I wont buy, because I am NOT paying for those movies. I will never watch them again.

      I disliked Aquaman and thought it was a pointless movie.

      I liked John Carter.

      The Abyss (extended cut) is one of my favorite movies and think James Cameron is an idiot for STILL not having it in 4K.

      Star Trek The Motion Picture (extended cut) NEEDS to be in 4K. I know the reasons why it hasn’t been done yet, but it seriously needs to be done. For that matter, all the original cast Star Trek movies need to be in 4K with extended versions.

      I hate musicals, animated ones as well.

      I dislike the over-use of comedic sidekicks in movies. Jar Jar Binks, Finn, L3-L7, etc.

      The Disney Star Wars Sequel Trilogy is a disaster.

      I am honestly not a fan of Disney. Never been to any of their parks and never will. Prices are a rip off imo. Imo Disney is “Buy N Large” and needs to be dismantled into smaller entities. They are single handedly ruining entertainment imo with their agenda’s and over-reaching scale.



      • #179496

        I don’t think “The Disney Star Wars Sequel Trilogy is a disaster” is considered an extreamly unpopular movie opinion 😹

        I’m gonna defend my superhero movies though, exept Captain Marvel, i only watched that at the cinema ’cause of the cat


        Thor Ragnarok, Black Panther, Iron Man 3 and Aquaman are among my favorite superhero movies. I’d really like to know why you dislike them so much @DarthVengeant

        And, i love Jar Jar

        jar jar

    • #179769

      Raimi Spider-Man 2 is the worst spiderman movie. Doc Oc was a cool villain but oh my god it had so much MJ drama and Mj screaming and the final battle was completely shit.


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