f youtube and making money now on rumble.com

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    wow didnt take long to start making money on rumble.com

    and it looks like im getting around 1 cent per 10-15 views

    fuck youtube i have to say

    2 years a uploading all these rule changes the abuse i get from them like them refusing to remove a strike when i have email form said person he told them to remove the take down.


    anyways here is why i did all this and to kick youtube in teeth i also moved the remaining game vids to private mode so they cant make money off my videos without my consent. ill be downloading and moving them all to my rumble channel where like i said after only a few days there and a few views im making money


    this will destroy youtube

    all the small channs will abandon youtube and what you will be left with is there main stream types , if you think you can survive jermemy have a great day…but the wokeness is coming to youtube now HARD



    There you go. Some guys I watch have poured it all into youtube and even they are looking at other platforms now. Youtube shadow bans and does not show truthful analytics. Youtube just has that name and that brand. Any normal, real person though will eventually look elsewhere. One guy I know loves youtube and says it over and over, but he hinted that he may make a move soon. Youtube and Twitter were once the best sites on the net, but no longer.


    As someone who has recently started their own channel I can wholeheartedly agree with all the sentiments here.


    I like Rumble a lot better than YouTube anyway. I think YouTube is just taking away any chance to earn money and has become strict overtime.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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