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    the fan manga called “Fandomenacia” was originally called “What if the Fandom Menace was in MHA” but over the years the fan manga sort of changed and evolved into this the only thing I kept from the original draft was the superpowers or “quirks” as there called in MHA and yes let me address the elephant in the room yes Shonen anime or more specifically Naruto, Black Clover and yes MHA the fan manga’s protagonist is “Ben” a strong but silent 15 year old kid unfortunately despite his strength and his attempts to work his body to the best of his ability he was not born with super powers but rather cursed with a power called “Black Mass” you see in the world of “Fandomenacia” unnamedSJW’s come from a parallel dimension called “The land of Wokeness” aka “Twitter” there leader is Kathleen Kennedy yes THAT Kathleen Kennedy she was born from all of the wokeness in the universe and has been around since the dawn of time she commands her forces of Soyboys and SJW’s with a dark and evil fist fortunately the U.N. and Geeks and Gamers have teamed up to create “Fandomenacia” an academy to train teens with superpowers to fight against the SJW’s including Ben along the way he’ll meet many friends from the shy and awkward water manipulator Alana the loud mouth “Class Clown” wind manipulator named Evan and an insecure shadow manipulator with anxiety named Andrea and many others I am not an artist but I have commissioned someone else on Deviantart to do the artwork


    this is all fan made hence i’m not making a single dime off of this manga


    😂😂😂 This is gonna be epic! Can’t wait to read it


    @DigiCat are you laughing?


    The story line sounds like it’ll be really funny, if i had to put a genre to it, it has the potential to be a great action/comedy 😄

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    I didn’t want to just read articles or go on Twitter all day to fight SJW’s I wanted to fight them in my own unique way so….I made this

    PS I don’t have a Twitter and I have NO DESIRE to get a Twitter


    2 things

    1. This is what SJW’s look like in the manga unnamed

    2.I will try to include as many members of Geeks and Gamers/Fandom Menace as I can but please note that I don’t watch every single Fandom Menace You Tuber so if you don’t see your favorite my apologiesunnamed


    Two art commissions a friend of mine did

    unnamed (1)unnamed

    the one on the left is the protagonist Ben and the one on the right is the main female lead Alana

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    Cool and have you thought of any ideas for the abilities that members of the Fandom Menace would have? Like example, Abilities for


    Ryan from RK Outpost

    Comix Division

    Anna That Star Wars

    Odin from OMB Report and Reviews

    Ethan Van Sciver

    Gary from Nerdrotic

    John Talks

    Jesse Milestone


    Fatal Jay

    Lethal Lightning




    Great question @VinzingerG here are all of the current powers that I have created for the Fandom Menace

    Jeremy-“Geek For All”

    Anna-“Vampiric Magic”

    Jessi-“Rage Surge”

    Jay aka Druk3p0-“Energy Transfer”

    Ryan aka RK Outpost-“Eye Flash”


    Uche aka Observant Lineman-“Super Strength”

    Marc the Cyborg-“Copy and Paste”


    Gary from Nerdrotic-“Ice Manipulation”

    Lethal Lightning-“Lightning conduction”

    X-Ray Girl-“Multi-Vision”

    Krista Nova-“Nova Absorption”

    Andrew aka Caffeinated Wolf-“Coffee Wolf”

    Odin-“Holy Light”

    John Talks-“Sound Waves”

    during the early parts of the manga it mostly focuses on the Fandom Menace but over time they start to take a bit of a back seat to the new generation some what similar to Cobra Kai


    Cool. Also can you tell me something about their abilites?


    Here are a few power descriptions

    Jeremy’s power “Geek For All”-increased speed and agility capable of devastating amounts of damage by concentrating the power in one region of the body, but at the cost of injuring himself

    Anna’s power “Vampiric Magic” -works similarly to Hero from Smash Ultimate the more necks she bites the more magic she gets for her magic meter (fire, lightning, ice, heal, magic burst)

    Jessi’s power “Rage Surge” -works similarly to Cloud’s Limit Break from Smash she can turn her rage into energy attacks for her blade

    Jay’s power “Energy Transfer” -Jay is able to turn his hat into a razor sharp plasma disc similar to Krillin’s Destructo Disc

    Ryan’s power “Eye flash” -Ryan is able to create a blinding light from his eyes similar to the Solar Flare from Dragon Ball Z or Mewtwo’s confusion from Smash


    If Fandomenacia were to ever get an anime adaptation here is my dream voice cast

    Matt Lanter- @DDayCobra

    Elizabeth Maxwell- @ThatStarWarsGirl

    Colleen Clinkenbeard- Jessi Milestone

    Kyle Hebert- @Drunk3po

    Phil Lamarr- Uche the Observant Lineman

    Chrstopher Wehkamp- @Josiahrises

    Chris Sabat- @RyanKinel

    Dave Trosko- Gary Buechler

    Liam O’Brian- Doomcock

    Vic Mignogna- @MarctheCyborg

    Michelle Ruff- @XRayGirl

    Aaron Roberts- @AndrewRodriguez

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    The protagonist of Fandomenacia Ben has a white knight living inside him called “Typhos” Ben like most people in the world of Fandomenacia wasn’t born with powers but he made up for that by training everyday at his dad’s kendo dojo and pushing his body to the absolute limit but one day when he was 14 “Typhos” made a deal with him claiming he can give powers that could Jeremy’s “Geek for All” throughout the manga Ben learns to better control the powers of wokeness

    Demon Ben


    Cool powers!

    Do you have a dream voice cast for the other characters who aren’t from G+G/Fandom Menace?

    Also, I want to know what DDayDoggy’s super power is 🐶


    As many of you may know Gina Carano has been fired from The Mandalorian in honor of this I decided to write her into Fandomenacia she doesn’t play much of a role until the “Volcano Island Training arc” Her powers are called “Tough Skin” inspired by her never backing down and never bending the knee she can turn her body into armor to protect herself it takes a lot of damage to put her down she’s even capable of casually bathing in lava like it’s nothing


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