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    I did think that in the earlier stories at least I seemed to be using Tony Verdeschi more than John Koenig and have attempted to rectify that. Time will tell if I’ve made it work though. The same goes for Doctor Russell, I’d like to be able to use her more. There is a pair of linked stories coming up in my writing schedule that should focus more on the pair of them though. These will be numbers 11 and 12 (I’ve currently written up to number 10).

    So far I have found developing Maya pretty tricky, however there is more about her coming up. There is the potential for her to be a liability as well as an asset. Without going into specific spoilers the Outsiders did create the Psychons with a single specific purpose in mind and the different abilities of both males and females have their own roles to play.


    This one was a bit of a ‘hey, let’s put something together quickly’, but I still suspect it’s more enjoyable than ‘The Last Jedi’….



    Not all of the Space:2299 stories will end with the moon leaving the system again, it will depend on whether I think it’s important to the story. So if leaving gets the moon away from a threat or something needs to be done before it departs then I’ll put the departure in.

    Lengthwise I try to aim for about 30,000 words in what I call my ‘mid length’ stories which includes the Space:2299 ones so the page count will come out similar in most cases. One of the Warhammer 40k stories planned like this still came out significantly longer but at the moment this is on my site as html pages instead of a pdf so it may not show. This is a self-imposed guideline rather than an attempt to meet a format asked for elsewhere.

    Regarding the improvised cover art, yes that is how I picture the characters appearing. I’ve found it a useful aide in much of my writing to assign a face to a character to help me picture them. It started way back when I was writing my Classic Era Star Wars stories and has continued to produce images such as these:






    Hello everyone, as well as being a writer of original fiction I also love good fan fiction.  If anyone here would be interested, I currently have two stories that I’m doing over on Archive of our own. Both are from the Yu-Gi-Oh universe, but I plan to expand into the Power Rangers universe. I like to try to diversify my skills as much as possible.

    Check out my work here:

    The_Rainwalker on Archive of our own


    While this is not me, I thought I would share it here;

    Pudgy’s Adventures


Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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