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    My favorite episode is the rains of castamere.


      That’s a tough call.. So many good episodes. But I would have to go with Hardhome. It’s such a great episode. Too bad season 8 ruined it..


      Hardhome is probably the only good episode in season 5 TBH.


        Never seen an episode.


          Don’t watch much Game of Thrones, but my fave scene is when Tywin’s hores poops in the throne room :D


          I really enjoyed the Battle of the Bastards. The battle scene was fantastic and one of the coolest battles I have ever seen in TV or film. SO well done and awesome. I’d recommend that to anyone who enjoys any kind of battle scenes because even if you have no idea who the characters are, the battle was intense and cool to watch.


          Hardhome is up there for sure. So many great episodes to choose from.


            The most shocking part of the entire show for me was when they showed Melisandre as that old witch for the first time. I was like WTF! thats fucked lol


              I’m a GOT fan.  Through watch parties from Season 4 on.  It’s very hard to pick one episode.   Needless to say season 8 destroyed me.  I plan on making a forum to vent about how season 8 should have ended.

            Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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