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    In this forum, we discuss our favorite genre of video games. The genre of the video game can come from any console, any computer system, or any mobile device. To start, my favorite genre of video games are role-playing games (RPGs) as well as action and adventure games. I guess the reason why I like these games is because I always like well-developed characters and good story telling. Let me know your favorite genre in the forum below.


    Don’t know  if because by aging my reflex turning low, or just because I have 35 years of game in the hands and I feel like I already did everything, but the narrative game such detroit, life is strange 1, Until Dawn, or even Telltales games in despite of them being trainrails, are the ones I like the most now !

    I never been fans of rpg meanwhile Horizon Zero Dawn is my fav game of this gen


    Im primarily a tabletop gamer so RPGs that are good are my go to.


    JRPGs are my absolute favorite, there is rarely a time I’m not having a JRPG in my game circulation. Right now I’m playing Atelier Shallie DX and Xenoblade Chronicles DE on Switch, after Shallie I will continue with another Atelier game.


    I play everything.

    When I was a kid I didn’t like racing games and FPS, but now I play them as well and I enjoy Gran Turismo or Call OF duty, etc.

    But I gotta say, nothing gives me more gaming pleasure than a great RPG :D  I love to spend time customizing my character and explore the worlds and devolp and meet NPCs etc. That’s why I love to play witcher, fallout, morrowing, etc…

    Right now I’m playing Kingdom Come Deliverance.


    I like strategy games, either defending the planet from alien invasion or taking over the world or galaxy.


    For me, it’s Hack and Slash games.

    I remember when I got the Metal Gear Rising Revengance, Bayonetta, Ninja Gaiden 2 and the Devil May Cry games, back in 2013

    God I love the Gameplay and difficulties of the Games that makes them challenging, that’s what makes me really enjoy them.


    Decades of gaming since the NES and RPGs are still my number one. I love stories, characters, and seeing my parties get stronger. My love of RPGs extends to MMORPGs. Something about running raids or dungeons with good guildies, kicking ass, and making priceless gaming memories from the random shit that can happen simply is fun. I haven’t lost a step yet, so my MMO career continues.


    After that, I love a good Strategy game. To build and monitor empires…so easy to go down a rabbit hole for a week or more when you don’t want to play something intense.


    Then there are Action/Adventure games with RPG elements like the Middle Earth Shadow of series and Spider-Man PS4. That little bit of RPG element, combined with good story telling and gameplay makes these kind of games fun for me.


    Hello @VenomBroly1993, thank you for your reply. I do not have as much gaming experience as you but I appreciate it that you like another genre of video games that I have not experienced before. I have heard of Detroit: Become Human. How great is the game in your opinion? I am also interested in Horizon Zero Dawn in the near future.


    Hello @MrDargonbane, thank you for your reply. I have not played enough tabletop games to call myself a gamer of the genre. Nevertheless, I appreciate it that you enjoy RPGs.


    Hello @MusouTensei, thank you for your reply. I agree with you that JRPGs are my favorite genre of games as well within the RPG genre. I play Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy games of the JRPG genre and was wondering about different games of that genre. I have never played a Nintendo console before so maybe a game like Xenoblade Chronicles could get me invested in it.


    Hello @Hazu, thank you for your reply. I appreciate it that you can play any game and find enjoyment in it. When I was a kid, I started out on the PlayStation 2 playing Pac-Man World 2 and Hot Wheels Velocity X. So I can completely understand the enjoyment of racing games. In terms of first person shooters, I am one of the few that have not played them before. I also agree with you that customization and exploring worlds are great elements of the role playing game genre.


    Hello @StephenDutton, thank you for your reply. I have never played strategy games. However, I appreciate it that you like a genre of video games that I have never played before. What is your favorite game of the strategy genre?


    Hello @CyberDevil666, thank you for your reply. The hack and slash genre is an interesting choice to have as a favorite due to its variety in video game choices. However, I have only played Lord of the Rings: Return of the King as my only experience of a hack and slash game. I appreciate your opinions and insights though.


    Hello @Roas, thank you for your reply. I am so glad that you enjoy RPGs and action adventure games with RPG elements. These games are my favorite as well. I also have the first game of the Middle Earth Shadow series for PlayStation 4 and I am interested in Spider-Man PS4 as well. Nevertheless, I have not played them yet. I have never played a strategy game and a MMORPG before, but I can appreciate it that you have more video gaming experience then I do. I also agree with you that stories and characters are the staples of the RPG genre.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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