Favorite Manga Volume Cover Art?

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    One of the most important elements of literature is the cover. It’s a way for the author to entice the customer into reading their story. Of course, the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” has been around for a long, but no one can deny the fact that a book’s cover isn’t important. And that is something that manga volumes excel at. These are some of my favorites:

    Exhibit 1: Attack on Titan (Volume 1)


    Exhibit 2: My Hero Academia (Volume 25)


    Exhibit 3: Death Note (Volume 12)


    What are your favorite manga volume covers? Please let me know!


    Here’s some of my favs :3

    Death Note vol. 3 – ‘Cause Ryuk is adorable, fight me


    Chainsaw Man vol. 1 – This is a good example of a cover enticing me to buy the manga, and i’m very glad i did :)

    chainsaw man vol 1

    Bougyaku no Kokekko vol. 1 – And this is a good example of don’t judge a book by it’s cover, ’cause this horror manga is cool covers and that’s it

    psycho chicken

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    Death Note Vol.12 is one I can think of. Gives off a vibe that’s both haunting and a sense of finality, partially with Light’s pose in it in relation to what happens in the final pages.

    Bleach Vol.19 is another one, I suppose. Really liked this series as a kid. The manga volumes usually give each character one cover to appear on, but this was the first one the where a character got more. It was also where Ichigo fought Byakuya and the former first performed Bankai.

    Kagerou Daze Vol.1 had nice cover art, with the simplistic use of color, and the characters looking pretty cool. I ended up getting it for that reason alone. I really ought to revisit that manga again.


    Here are some more of my favorites:





    Somebody posted Death Note but that volume cover is my favorite still.


    Really like this one of Todoroki from My Hero Academia. It perfectly encapsulates everything Todoroki is feeling during the UA Sports Festival Arc.


    Also like this one of Fiona Frost from Spy x Family. The additions of the wedding clothes, a picture of Yor with a dagger piercing it, and the abundance of hearts and love letters, are an interesting way to summarize her character.


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