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    Hello everyone, in this forum, we can discuss your favorite mobile game that you enjoy on your mobile devices. The mobile game can be on any mobile device but it cannot be on a console and/or a computer system such as a personal computer (PC). Game consoles that I considered in the mobile category are the PSP and the PS Vita. Whatever mobile games that you enjoy, let us know here.


    I’m addicted to arena of valor. It is a mobile moba that looks as good as a pc game. I am also really enjoying legends of runeterra. It is a card hearthstone/magic type of card game that won’t break your bank account. There are no card packs and people that do spend money are capped for how many cards they can buy for the week.They business model is more gaged at cosmetics.


    imma go FULL ON WEEB and say Azur Lane i just love collecting different ships


    Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and Marvel Strikeforce. Installed dozens of mobile games and these are the only two long term games that I’m still playing. Not that they don’t have their issues.


    The two mobile games that I primarily play on my phone is Dragonball Dokkan Battle and Dragonball Legends. Even though there are pay mechanics and you basically get characters via a lottery, I do like the actual game mechanics. Dokkan Battle is a matching fighting game with animated attack scenes and that game definitely utilizes the RPG elements of “rock, paper, scissors, kamehameha” and special moves (upgrading characters to certain levels unlock multi-attack features, or counter attacks, etc). It fills in that need for the strategy mechanics of fighting.

    DB Legends, again with the random character lottery, is more of a touch screen fighting game (similar to the Transformers: Forged to Fight mechanics). I enjoy the visuals and the frequent free rewards, although the fighting part requires less strategy and more quick finger movements.


    Digimon ReArise decent game has good story and yes has monetization but you never feel like you actually need it to progress.


    Hello everyone, thank you for your replies: ImpotentJedi, Poncho, RebelSquadron, KiethBlackLion, and Sick243. I have not played these mobile games before but I appreciate it that you can enjoy the games as favorites. I will try to play these games some day but for now I am playing Kingdom Hearts Union Cross, 3D chess, and Free Flow currently.


    I play Baseball 9. Not only is it the only mobile game I play, but it’s also easy to pick up and play with the touch controls. It doesn’t force you to pay for anything, and if you can adjust to the controls, you’ll be beating the competition pretty easily.

    My team, the “Hounds”, now has players I bought from saving up gems (which you can get 10 of them every 3 hours via watching an AD). I recently finished one game where I scored 70 runs!!!

    I’ve also thrown 3 no-hitters and 1 perfect game, hit I think 6 grand slams, 7 cycles, and one time I struck out 14 batters!

    The only two things I’ve yet to do is steal 3rd, and go unbeaten in a season. That last one was on the verge of happening in my current season, but I had one game where for some reason the bats went cold, and the AI made some questionable decisions with baserunning (you can also baserun manually too).

    The graphics have the players looking like bobbleheads, kinda like the PowerPros games (I wish we in the states could get another PowerPro game). It’s not a fully sim type of baseball game, but you still get some stats and whatnot. I think this game was made in Japan because players will often do some of the Japanese custom poses.

    So yeah, if you need a good baseball game on your phone, get Baseball 9.


    i also been playing Dragalia lost & SMT liberation dx2 if that helps as well


    I just play a shit ton of UNO! lately. Now and then I’ll return to Mario Kart Tour, Warhammer: Doomwheel, and Stormfall: Saga of Survival.


      I don’t play a lot of mobile games, but I do play one called Crash Fever. I started playing One Punch Man too cause, well, it’s One Punch Man lol.


      I’m a casual guy; I play sudoku and Gems of War.  I tried some of the games like Starwars Galaxy of Heroes and a few other copies, but they never took hold of my interest.


      Recently i have been playing this Archwar game.
      This is quite an interesting game.

      Check the game out at:

      Other portals:


        It’s been the RPG games u know like raid shadow league marvel strike force but mainly it’s dragon city


        Maval Strike Force is addicting as F.

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