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    I’ve known Star Trek since I was a little boy but I never cared much for it, my actual interest in the franchise started because of Star Trek 2009 and JJ Trek (yes I know). I tried to start watching The Original Series in 2014 but it didn’t do much for me, 2 years later after watching Beyond I felt like it was time to really give it a try and I loved it, granted it wasn’t love at first sight. I started watching The Original Series and continued with every other incarnation of Star Trek, including Discovery. I really liked TOS but that was it, the moment I fell in love with the franchise was during my TNG run, specifically “The Measure of a Man”, after that I loved everything Star Trek, until Discovery.

    I kinda liked Discovery the first time I watched it, sure I was mad because of the disrespect of canon and all of that, but I thought it could be the beginning of a new Trek era, after The Last Jedi I found G+G and found out about SJWs, the current state of Hollywood, identity politics… (I’m from Venezuela so those were things that I never heard from) and I lost all hope.

    So since Star Trek is dead right now (yes Picard, I’m looking at you) I wanted to know how people rate their favorite Star Trek shows and why.


    My rank goes like this:

    1. DS9

    2. TNG

    3. TOS / TAS (since it’s the same ship, characters and cast I group them together)

    4. ENT

    5. VOY

    TNG and DS9 are actually very close in my list, the reason DS9 wins is because I loved the characters, they felt more real than the ones in TNG, and the fact they used serialized storytelling. I love both of them because TNG offers you an optimistic view of the future while DS9 offers you the underground view of that future, while still being optimistic.

    Then comes TOS / TAS, I think this doesn’t need an explanation, love it but it’s not TNG or DS9.

    And what could be the controversial part, ENT over VOY. The reason I chose ENT before VOY is because I actually liked ENT a lot, I thought it would be terrible after seeing reviews but it wasn’t, sure it could have been better and the finale is HORRIBLE, but still I liked it. VOY is at the bottom of my list is because to me it’s a watered down version of TNG, they overused the Borg to the point where they weren’t scary or intimidating anymore and consequences didn’t last long (the ship was always wrecked at the end of an episode and brand new by the next one without explanation and things like that). VOY could have been easily the best Star Trek show ever, a ship stranded in the unknown, surviving, exploring, all while struggling to follow Starfleet laws, the premise was incredible, the execution not so much. I still love VOY, it has amazing episodes, but it’s my least favorite (still I would take VOY before any new Trek, at least it is Star Trek).


    I like both the original Star Trek and Next Generation series very much.  I can’t decide which I like better between the two, because they are so different, yet so very good.

    However, I couldn’t maintain interest in any of the other series after that. I watched only a couple episodes of Deep Space Nine and Voyager; they were OK, but didn’t have the same charm as the first two. I could never accept the idea of Scott Bakula as a Star Trek character, so I didn’t bother watching Enterprise, nor any other Star Trek series released after that.

    I used to have high regards for Patrick Stewart, until I watched a highly critical review of the Picard series by “The Angry Joe Show“.   What a betrayal.


    I didn’t like DS9 very much during the 1st and 2nd season, but it gets really good, once the war with the Dominion starts it’s awesome, to me it’s the best series because it goes deeper than TNG, themes of religion, terrorism, war, organized crime, racism, ptsd… I will always recommend DS9 to anyone who likes TNG, you should try to watch it, it really pays off.


    It took a long time for me to be a ST fan, but TNG would definitely my number one. I just love the ensemble of characters they used and the actors/actresses that were on that show. Voyager would be my number two as I was in the 8th grade when it first aired so I got to experience it from the beginning. I loved the idea of the ship being lost with no help from the Federation. Even though I enjoyed the original series on streaming, I actually prefer the original series movies more than any iteration of Star Trek.


    1. TOS – Series was fresh, lots of original ideas.

    2. TNG – Faithful to TOS. Didn’t like the pilot or the first season for that matter. Got progressively better as time went on.

    3. DS9 – The most “serious” of all the Star Trek shows. Lots of politics and drama in this one, a bit of a departure from the traditional  “we’re explorers” theme.

    4. Voyager – Liked the earlier seasons, but got progressively worse. Near the end they focused too much on the Doctor and Seven of Nine. And who could forget that awful “salamander episode”.

    5. Enterprise – Couldn’t get into this at all. It was boring, tired and unoriginal.

    As for ST: Discovery and ST: Picard, they don’t even make the list. A more heinous butchering of a beloved franchise has never been perpetrated on a loyal fanbase by the production of those shows save for Disney’s Star Wars sequel trilogy.



    The problem with trying to rank Star Trek shows is how to decide what to judge them on. My favourite episode of trek of all comes from DS9 (In the Pale Moonlight) but DS9 and the other TNG era shows all took about three seasons to get going. On the other hand TOS and Enterprise I thought were strong from the start. I think the pilot of Enterprise was better than any of the others.

    I thought Discovery had something of a shaky start before it just fell apart and although I did like Picard it was much too slow in places. It felt like seven episodes of material padded out to fill ten.

    I’m going to have to say the original series purely because it was just that – Original.


    The shows during the TNG era had that thing in common, they needed 2 or 3 seasons to find their way, the thing with Voyager is that it got better and then it got worse, whereas TNG and DS9 got a lot better.


    The original series will always be my favorite, though the others are still quite excellent (except for Discovery, which I refuse to even acknowledge).


    My 1st Star Trek as child was TNG but nowadays I think I prefer the original show, I like the crew better, they are much more meorable to me than the TNG crew.

    DS9 I didn’t watch very much and everything afterwards I just ignored tbh, I wouldn’t consider me a Star Trek fan, just a fan of the 1st two shows, their movies and games based on them.


    Took the works right out of my keyboard.


    Next Generation.  I can’t remember when I started watching but when Picard was taken by the Borg and Riker yelled fire I have never yelled no so  loudly at my TV before.  Such great stuff.   Then you had to wait forever for the resolution.  That was fun because it was before Twitter and Reddit started ruining things.  I also remember driving in town and seeing Picard/Riker bumper stickers for President LOL.



    TOS is Number 1 in my books.  All the characters were fleshed out right away.

    TNG No2.  It took them awhile to find their grove, otherwise a solid series.



    STD: Even writing it/saying it, I hope I don’t get a disease by it.

    STP: Pure crap.  I’d rather watch a Buck Rogers or SPACE:1999 or BSG (1970’s) marathon over that “garbage scow”.


    Hmmmm, well ill put up mine.

    1. TOS – Kirk is GOD!
    2. DS9 – Love it due to what we got in terms of aliens, the station, to the war, the defiant go on and on on it brought us so much that we never got.
    3. VOY – I liked being in the DQ, the amount of stories and directions and so on, my only issue was they should have gotten home a season early, other issues also.
    4. ENT – I love season 1 and 4, they were the most solid of the 4 seasons. Manny Coto coming onboard for Season 4, brought us TREK! That i loved Archer as Capt.
    5. TNG – It was the one i grew up on, the first few seasons were were ok, not great but as it went on, we got better stories and character development.

    NO category

    STD or STP both CRAP


    I enjoyed the original series followed by the animated series which was a sequel to that. I liked Enterprise more than TNG or DS9. The new stuff is an abomination.

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