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    Star Trek: The Original Series

    Star Trek The Next Generation

    Star Trek The Animated Series

    Star Trek Enterprise TV Series

    Star Trek Deep Space Nine



    Will always be TNG. It was a family tradition to go watch it 6 days a week. Knew every episode inside and out (still do, in fact). That will always be my number one. So many memories in that show. TOS is great too and Voyager slightly after that. The others, meh.


      My favorites in order:


      Beyond was the only good movie out of all JJ Trek. I couldn’t stand Into Darkness, at all. But as far as Discovery goes and the “disrespect” of canon, you would be surprised how many times you’d find inconsistencies throughout the other series as well. Are there more in Discovery? Sure, but we can’t pretend that it hasn’t happened in the other series either.



      Star Trek has always had inconsistencies in its canon, I didn’t say that Discovery was the first series to disrespect the canon but the way it did it made me feel like the people producing it didn’t even bother to watch the rest of the series (something that became clear over time). The thing that always bothered me was the fact that they chose to go back instead of continuing after Voyager, because the TOS era is not something that can be done today, you can’t put ships like the ones in JJ Trek in the same universe as TOS and tell me that 10 years later the ships will look like the original Enterprise, it doesn’t make sense, then there’s the problem with the sporedrive, holograms… They should have set the series after Voyager to justify the technology, but they need the TOS era and characters to keep people interested, to me that proves that they don’t care about the brand.

      I know that what I’m about to say is contradictory to everything that I said before but I like all JJ Trek movies, even Into Darkness, I know they are flawed but they are the reason that I gave the franchise a try and I don’t regret it, I never thought that I could love something as much as Star Wars until I watched Star Trek so I guess it means that there is something good in every bad thing. And yes Beyond is the best of the JJ movies.


      TNG is my favorite. It’s the first one I watched and still has my favorite cast of characters of all the series.


      1. TOS – Even season 3, space hippies (we reach).

      2. TAS – A good way to keep the universe going, with the original cast.

      3. Star Trek Continues – 11 episodes available on YouTube. The closest thing I have ever seen to genuine Star Trek. Big name guest stars, professional actors, this show is fantastic. Every time they crowdfunded they raked in massive donations. They only had to stop when CBS shut down fan productions. They filmed in Kingsland, GA near Savannah and the sets are exact replications of the original sets.

      I made it into the first part of season 2 of Discovery before I had had enough. The identity politics were too much to bear. As I read somewhere, all other Treks lifted women and minority groups up without tearing others down, something this show can’t comprehend.


      Incidentally, the PC game Star Trek 25th Anniversary returns TOS cast for voiceovers and is excellent, like additional episodes of the show. It’s available on GOG and Steam. Here’s a story on it.

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      Star Trek TOS

      Star Trek The Nest Generation

      Star Trek Enterprise

      Star Trek DS9

      Star Trek Voyager








        Haven’t seen Discovery or Picard. At this point I can’t watch them objectively.


        Star Trek TOS

        Star Trek : The Animated Series

        The Star Trek Nest Generation

        Star Trek Voyager

        Star Trek DS9

        Star Trek Enterprise




        Star Trek TOS

        Star Trek TNG

        Star Trek Animated Series

        Star Trek Voyager

        Star Trek DS9

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        1) TOS

        2) Star Trek Continues (I count it as canon as does Rod Roddenberry although that’s not saying much)

        3) TNG

        4) The Orville (it’s Trek to me)

        5) TOS movies

        6) TNG Movies

        7) TAS

        8) Voyager (with the exception of some episodes which were disgusting)

        9) DS9

        10) Enterprise (I only watched the first season once)

        An honerable mention goes to Star Force: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqJeR4ZRX0Q

        Star Trek 2009, Into Darkness and Beyond have fallen off the list because it makes me sad how much JJ Abrams and Kurtzman hate Star Trek and the fans and love BLM etc.

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