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    That’s very similar to how I got into ST only I first got exposure to TNG and then I watched TOS. Check out Star Trek Continues and the Orville if you haven’t already – I’m sure it will make you happy. :)

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    I love The Orville, it really is what Trek should or could be nowadays, I wasn’t convinced with the first season because I watched it thinking it would be Family Guy or Ted in space, I expected a comedy and in the end I got Trek without realizing it so I wasn’t sure about my feelings towards it. When the second season aired that’s when it hit me, and loved everything about it since then.

    I know about the existence of ST Continues, but that’s about it. I’m currently watching all Trek series for the second time and loving it (feels like reconnecting with old friends), already watched TOS/TAS and started TNG a week ago, I’ll try to watch ST Continues to check it out. I know there are fan made series and movies on youtube but I don’t know if they are still there or if they were removed because of copyrights or whatever, 2 years ago I made a ST playlist and several months later a lot of the videos were taken down.


    I had a hard time with enjoying TNG or voyager I could just not connect to the characters, they seemed too ‘perfect’ and for that reason DS9 and enterprise are my top 2, I could just relate to the characters DS9 has some of my favourite episodes of the whole franchise and I felt while I liked season 1&2 of enterprise it really took off from the third season.


    I could relate to TNG characters (even to Wesley when he was good) because it’s a sort of supportive environment in which I’ve always wanted to live but never have had the privilege. I’ve always been naive and I like to forget anything bad that’s ever happened and look at the future positively. I grew up being beaten at home, at school, and on the way to and from school, almost every day. In adulthood I married a horrible woman who beat me and took my child from me. I made some “friends” who constantly berated me and stole my money and my stuff. TNG is the opposite of my life experience which is why I love it even though I can’t relate to it at all – that’s precisely why I love it. It’s an escape mechanism for me. I can relate to wanting that but I can’t relate to having that. Maybe some day.


    Because that’s the point of those shows, to show that humanity has evolved beyond all that we are now, to work for the greater good and to better themselves, and I love that. Sci-fi usually covers dystopic futures and dark themes (which I love) and the fact that ST shows us an optimistic futures makes it unique, at least to me, it makes it a future that I would love to be a part of.

    I also loved DS9 and ENT for the same reasons and more, DS9 is actually my favorite ST incarnation, but still the heart and soul of ST is the future that TOS and TNG presented, and that’s the same reason we can’t have ST nowadays, everything has to be dark, gritty, realistic and things like that, and a franchise like ST is completely the reverse of that. I love movies and series that are dark, gritty… and I also like when that is applied to existing franchises, only if it’s done right, respectfully and in a way which will add more to the story, what I don’t like it’s that it became the norm for EVERYTHING. Hopefully things will turn around and we will have a little bit of everything, which I think it’s the best way.


    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

    Star Trek :Voyager

    Star Trek: TOS

    Star Trek: The Animated Series

    Star Trek : The Next Generation



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    V O Y A G E R

    It had the perfect mixture of action, drama and fun! Very easy to watch and enjoy. I loved and respected most all the characters, it had memorable episodes and even if it was more action oriented it still kept the intellectual-philosophical element to most stories. Janeway, Torres, Chakotay, Doctor, Tuvok or Seven were all complex characters with issues and virtues I could relate to and also feel inspired by.



    I like Voyager but I find to be the weakest of all the series IMO (not counting Discovery or Picard), the premise was amazing but I feel that they basically made TNG 2.0 and the fact that they were in the Delta Quadrant was never important, they were always talking about rationing energy and not having resources but the ship was always brand new at the beginning of basically every episode and used the holodeck a lot. I feel that the series should have explored more the struggle of the crew to follow Starfleet ideals when almost all hope of returning is gone; the ship should have evolved through the series because of not having all the resources to repair it, therefore using alien tech to complete the job; the Borg should have remained the threat that they always were, they overused them to the point of being almost a joke; and the last episode should have explored what happened when they returned, I was very emotional watching them being received by Starfleet and then the credits came and I felt kind of cheated. This series could have been the greatest Star Trek series, the most intellectual-philosophical as you said and the darkest, I would love to watch a series like that one day, hopefully.

    That being said I still love Voyager, as every other Star Trek incarnation before Disco, the characters are not my favorite but are good, I really liked Tuvok and Chakotay and I loved Seven, I though she would be just eye candy but she turned out to be my favorite character from Voyager, her struggle to learn how to be human again was amazing. I kind of compare Voyager to the Star Wars Prequels (which I love), great premise, not so good execution.


    That was one of the things I disliked about voyager as well.

    The ship should have been worn down ALOT more than it was.

    Even with them spending as much time as they needed acquiring new resources (from asteroids, uninhabited planets, etc.).


    As for ships that looked “too new”, I found Enterprise as being too advanced for the era they were in.

    And how quickly they “got a fully working universal translator” was unrealistic, IMO.

    Of the two series, I would still put ST:V above ST:E.


    Yes Enterprise does have it’s issues, but overall I found it more entertaining than Voyager, granted the first and second seasons were not that great but it gets a lot better in season 3, I think that’s what they should have tried to make since the beginning. I really like the ships but I agree with you, they should have been a little more robust or old looking maybe? I liked the inside of the Enterprise though, I think they kind of got it right because it looks like I would imagine it would look like in that time.

    In some ways I prefer Voyager before Enterprise, mainly the fact that it’s in the same era as TNG and DS9 and they all connect with each other, also I love that time period, but to me Voyager still feels like a watered-down version of TNG, and Enterprise felt different so that’s the main reason I like Enterprise more.

    Man I’m really enjoying talking about this, I never get to talk Trek with anyone since nobody I know watches it, I hope that you too are enjoying it.



    Star Trek: TOS

    Star Trek: Voyager

    Star Trek: Enterprise

    Star Trek : The Next Generation

    Star Trek: The Animated Series





    1. TOS – for me there’s no contest

    2. TNG – I’m old enough to have watched it as a child and remember it.

    3. DS9 – I like it almost as much as TNG but as someone previously mentioned it was more serious but there are a LOT of good qualities to DS9 and a number of great characters.

    4. Voyager- I watched some of it as a teenager but it didn’t really interest me as much as the previous series.

    5. Enterprise – I never got into it. It seemed like it was trying to walk a line of old technology while looking modern and wasn’t very successful at it.

    I don’t acknowledge any other Star Trek Series.







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