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    Now that the latest superhero TV show, Stargirl, has completed season 1 and i know who my favorite character is, i can finally start this topic :D

    I have way to many favorites to list them all, so, since we’re not in shortage of superhero teams, i thought i’d pick out 1 favorite superhero per team for this list :3 (clue: the first hero on this list is my absolout favorite)

    Avengers: Thor

    Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Racoon

    Fantastic 4: Human Torch

    X-Men: Beast

    Defenders: Daredevil

    Justice League: Batman

    JSA: Hourman

    Doom Patrol: Negative Man

    Titans: Beast Boy

    Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn

    New Mutants: ??? coming soon… i hope


    Justice League: Batman

    Avengers: Iron Man

    X-Men: Nightcrawler

    Fantastic Four: Invisible Woman

    Teen Titans: Robin/Nightwing

    Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon

    JSA: Doctor Fate

    Defenders: Daredevil

    Suicide Squad: Captain Boomerang


    Are we talking about strictly TV/movies, or in general? I’m going in general, but without picking a character that has been on a certain team only in the comics (ex: Deathstroke “joining” Suicide Squad). Because swamping characters into different teams happens all the time in comics, so it’s kinda a cheat. So I will just go with the main ones that everyone is universally familiar with.

    X-Men: Gambit

    Justice League: Batman

    X-Force: Cable

    Doom Patrol: Robotman

    Fantastic Four: The Thing

    Avengers: Hank Pym

    Suicide Squad: Deadshot

    Teen Titans: Cyborg

    Watchmen: Rorschach

    Guardians of the Galaxy: Yondu


    Nightcrawler’s also one of my fave X-Men, also really like Mystique


    There’s 2 teams i missed out

    X-Force: Deadpool

    Watchmen: Rorschach


    Favorite New Mutant: Magik


    I think its quite hard to think of a favourite superhero these days but I would say its always been Spider-Man since I was a kid but ever since they reconned the spider-man and mary jane marriage years ago I sort of feel a little indifferent to him as I had invested so much in that relationship lol.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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