Favorite Video Game of all time

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    Valkirya Chronicles 4 for me baby


    Planescape: Torment for me


    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time by far. This is the game that made me obsessed with storytelling.


    Arkham City the story and the combat in that game is legendary to me at least.


    Red Dead Redemption 2 is my favorite video game of all time currently.


      I’m going to have to go with Pokemon Yellow/Red for Gameboy Color. But the best game I’ve played in the last couple of years is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.


        That would be Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon on the N64, I own it in PAL english and japanese, in the west all voice acting except the singing was removed. It was my 1st Goemon game and it made me a big fan, nowadays I own almost every Goemon game (I’m only missing a port of the arcade game, the GBA ports of Goemon 1&2 and the GBA version of Shin Goemon), most as japanese import. I wish for Konami to release a Goemon collection in japan like the Contra and Castlevania Collections.

        Mystical Ninja 1 Starring Goemon

        Ganbare Goemon 1 Neo Momoyama Bakufu no Odori


        The Witcher 3. I have a number of games I could make a case for but I don’t think I spent more time in a game than Witcher 3. The characters are memorable, the main storyline and side quests are excellent and most of the time carry deeper meanings, the world is amazing, and the amount of detail put into the world begs you to explore every corner of the map.


        Resident Evil REmake on the GameCube as well as Resident Evil 4. Best of both worlds as far as great RE titles go.


        Super Mario Sunshine/Galaxy, however I might be biased towards Mario games.

        But objectively, i have to admit that Persona 5 is the GOAT with Zelda BOTW as a close second.


        Super Mario Bros. 3


        My favorite is The Witcher 3 , it’s an amazing universe, they have amazing characters, amazing story…. it’s a perfect game for me.

        Mass Effect(s), GTA(s) and RDR2 are right behind it.


          Monster Hunter World.  I’ve 100%’d it on PS4, PC and, since I just ditched my PS4, I’m currently working on the X Box version.

          It has an incredible amount of fun content, along with hands-down the most satisfying combat I’ve ever experienced in a game.  Even after around 3000 hours of playing, it can still make me say “OOHHHH!!!” out loud when I take down a monster in a really cool way :-)





            Legacy Of Cain : Blood Omen

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