Favorite Wrestler and why?

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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Rules</p>

    1. Favorite Wrestler Name Any era, any brand, Men/Women.
    2. Finisher
    3. What makes him/her your favorite.
    4. Your Favorite Moment.

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    My favorite wrestler of all time will always and forever be Ric Flair


    Figure 4


    As for why he’s my favorite aside from been spectacular in the ring and having gone toe to toe with the best I would say  the swagger, the confidence, the style and boy could he talk on the mic he was the full package Woo! Wooo!!!
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>My favorite Ric Flair Moment would be WrestleMania 24 Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels even if Ric was past his prime and lost he still abided by his code “TO BE THE MAN YOU GOTTA BEAT THE MAN” and dam it do I respect the hell out of that yes I do one of the best matches ever also picked  this one for a reason.</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>That Reason is My honorable mention and close first place for a favorite wrestler Shawn Michaels super close but Ric takes it.</p>
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    Oh, that is tough.

    I have a few.

    During the time when he would lie cheat steal:


    eddie guerrero!

    It was a fun time to watch and see what crazy thing he will do to win this time.

    *** ***

    Outside of the ring, I have to say I loved the color commentary given by:


    Jesse “The Body” Ventura.

    Hearing the match called from the “bad guy’s” perspective was awesome!


    First I gotta say I only watched the 90s Wrestling. I didn’t watch the Rock/John Cena eras.

    My favorite wrestler was: Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

    I liked him because he was cool and I loved his glasses lol But also because he really seemed like a good guy. The hero type.

    Finisher: The sharpshooter

    Not sure about favorite moment, but when his brother Owen passed away, there were very emotional moments like this one:

    He’s a legend, to me.


    I also liked papa Shango, Tatanka… and later on Sting and Goldberg were very fun to watch as well. Just look at this:



    I got to see Bret Hart on TV since his days in Stampede Wrestling, then on to the WWF/WWE/WCW.


    His in-ring wrestling skills was the best, he made anyone look great (even those that should have had the buts wiped out within the first minute on the match).

    His would have been my No.2 on the list.

    His matches with the British Bulldog, Benoit, Mr.Perfect, etc. were all classics.

    Then all this Hart Foundation matches!



    Ah common man.

    I thought there would be more rassling fans here?


    originally bret hart was my favourite when younger, but i went off wrestling for a few years , then seen a certain man

    stone cold steve austin

    he lured me right back into wrestling big time, i missed his best moments imo for his character and heel run , before the time i seen him win the rumble and beat shawn michaels for the title , so 1998 i was hooked , and was all in for watching stone cold

    his finisher the stone cold stunner, the best sell for it was the rock , bouncing around the ring like no tomorrow ha ha

    his attitude and persona was this man who was on no sides, the anti hero , but everyone liked him, hilarious by being a complete a-hole , to think his career went to a next level after a serious neck injury from owen hart , never stopped him and it shaped him to become the biggest name in wrestling in the past 25 years

    some his best moments were working with bret hart

    survivor series 96 and Wrestlemania 13 he lost both matches, but he never tapped or got “knocked out” was more bret being the ring general and both could work and create a story before you, and he got over big time from them matches as well as him beating shawn for the title , as well as the original promo he done at king of the ring ripping into jake the snake roberts where his austin 3:16 persona was born

    his best heel work imo was between 1996-1997 , youtube clips do it small justice, then when he fought bret on both occasions where he got over the fans seen that he was coming to a new level as he could wrestle with one the best wrestlers to ever do it , bret hart

    i think when he left wwf/wwe i kinda lost interest with watching it, then likes of cena and orton were becoming the poster childs, dont mind orton now, but was never invested in cena, decent wrestler but never liked any his gimmicks

    i will stick a few clips of some my fav stone cold moments

    where the character was born

    a very shoot style promo, where it cuts very close to being the truth, maybe my fav promo as he did exactly what he said in this

    proper a-hole mode here, hilarious

    funny brawl with booker t

    i tried to find a full link to stone cold vs bret at survivor series 96 but they were split in 2, if you haven’t seen much of stone cold , i would defo recommend checking out anything from 1996-1998 , u see the progression of his character to being the top dog

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