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      Much in the same vein as the Anime Heroes thread, but with our favourite bad guys. Whether you love to hate them, have traits that you respect, or simply think of them as an effective force of nature in the story. Here are a few of my top picks:



      Charismatic, Machiavellian, and flamboyant, who just wouldn’t stop chewing the scenery every time he showed up. It’s hard not to enjoy every scene he’s in.

      The God Hand


      I like them more as a group than the individual members. They single-handedly changed the course of the entire Berserk story and are the perfect arch-enemies for Guts: Utterly out of his reach, he can only defy them by denying their belief system that fate and destiny are predetermined.

      And of course… Freeza.


      You can’t get much worse than Space Napol-Hitler.

      Honourable mention would go to Piccolo Daimao and his “son,” (the Piccolo we all know and love). One of the most nefarious villains of the 80’s becoming a hero in his own right remains a compelling positive character arc.

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      Belphemon (sleep mode), he’s one of the villains from Digimon Data Squad, i’ve finally started re-watching it, pretty sure he ends up being a mega a-hole, but he’s so cute when he’s sleeping 😽

      belphemon sleep mode

      Awww, i just notice his alarm clock looks like a Tamagotchi 😻

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      Dio Brando, Kars, All for One, Stain, Shigaraki, Overhaul, Char Aznable

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        Garou, King Bradley, Zeke Jaeger, Treize Khurushenada, Zechs Marquise, Rau le Crusset

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        Lordgenome, the Anti-Spiral

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      Digimon Frontier, Duskmon, i won’t give any spoilers as to why he’s one ofmy favorite Digimon villains, i’ll just say he has a great story arc ;)


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      i tried to upload this with pictures but i guess there were too many so ill have to do them one at a time

      my all time favorite is garou, hes the definition of an unstoppable force, he refuses to quit. also i think deep down hes not a bad guy, hes my favorite anime villain of all time.


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        Not watched Season 2 yet, but the Garou arc has been great in the manga. Garou has been something of a parallel to Saitama, as both of them represent becoming the best version of yourself possible. Saitama has reached his peak, mind you, but it’ll be interesting to see what the conclusion to Garou’s own journey is and if he reaches a different answer.

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      As far as villains go, Father could be kinda generic. But I enjoyed his role in the story and I had to admire his ambition to break free of all constraints.

      Sosuke Aizen deserves an honourable mention, considering how many times he had “I am a total bastard” moments.

      Then there’s Father Mozgus from Berserk. The guy was intense, going through extreme emotional mood-swings at the drop of a hat, and represented the best and worst of religion all rolled into one (and I had to respect how utterly fearless he was).

      You can’t get much more hardcore than murdering “heretics” with your holy book. (No, really).

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      My favourite anime villains

      These are just a hand full

      Light Death notelightyagami

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      Dartz Yu hi oh

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      2ea4ec02330e290905dfed72ec42b81db163aa32_hqJellal Fairy tail

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      Zamasu Dragonball super

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      envy-1194118-1280x0Last but no means least, Envy Full Metal Alchemist brotherhood

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        I personally really liked Envy as a “love to hate” villain – It helped that he was so much more incompetent and emotionally petulant compared to the 03 version.

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        Just in case anyone who hasn’t watched Fullmetal Alchemist comes across this thread

        Do not de-code unless you want SPOILERS for FMA03

        A=& B=8 C=% D=§ E=€ F=3 G=9 H=# I=1 J=/ K=* L=7 M=[ N=] O=0 P=£ Q=( R=) S=$ T=| U=\ V=< W=> X=+ Y=^ Z=2

        #07^  $#1| !  €]<^ ‘ $  €§  &]§  &7 ‘ $  #&73  8)0|#€) ?!?

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        Also, why’s Envy wearing a skirt? 😶


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          Envy’s chief ability was to shapeshift into anyone of either gender, so I thought it made sense his “preferred” form is that of an androgynous-looking young man who cross-dresses. I remember showing a friend of mine FMA03 years ago; he was convinced Envy was a chick and refused to believe me until the very end (the fact that he was voiced by Wendy Powell didn’t help). In Envy’s case though, I guess it doesn’t matter that much.

          And yeah, they came up with some pretty wild plot twists in the 03 anime. The manga’s more coherent and holds together better in the long scheme of things, but I have to give them credit for working with they had at that time. It used to be regarded as amazing back then amongst the fandom as the manga was still far from done yet, and there are some fans who still prefer it over Brotherhood (I’m not one of them, but I can understand why they feel that way).

          If you’re nearly done with FMA03, I’d highly recommend watching the Conqueror of Shamballa movie next – It basically ties up the loose ends and gives the 03 series proper closure.

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            Just watched Conqueror Of Shamballa last night, miraculously, the full movie was on youtube! It’s great :D

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      I’m not sure if the new generation consider Broly a villain, but for me he is the most badass anime villain ever. “His power is maximum” ;)

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        Broly is a pretty interesting villain. People dismissed him as just a brute force berserker and I guess he kinda is (he certainly was in the last two movies). But I’d rank his first movie higher than most of the other DBZ films. There were things to like about it and he hearkened back to the Saiyans, cruel, dark origins; the embodiment of all their ferocity.

        Then there was Toriyama’s own take on the character in the much more recent film which got better reception. I admit I think I actually prefer the dangerous psychopath version, at least as an idea, but there’s tons more potential for the DBS version as an anti-hero in any future Dragon Ball stories.

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      My favorite anime villain is easily Johan Liebert from Monster. He is chilling and intimidating without all of the fantasy elements you usually see in anime. He’s someone who can influence the world around him with his charisma. Every new piece of information about him adds another layer to this already very complex character. I think he’s the best villain in anime.

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