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    Just in case anyone who hasn’t watched Fullmetal Alchemist comes across this thread

    Do not de-code unless you want SPOILERS for FMA03

    A=& B=8 C=% D=§ E=€ F=3 G=9 H=# I=1 J=/ K=* L=7 M=[ N=] O=0 P=£ Q=( R=) S=$ T=| U=\ V=< W=> X=+ Y=^ Z=2

    #07^  $#1| !  €]<^ ‘ $  €§  &]§  &7 ‘ $  #&73  8)0|#€) ?!?


    Also, why’s Envy wearing a skirt? 😶



    Envy’s chief ability was to shapeshift into anyone of either gender, so I thought it made sense his “preferred” form is that of an androgynous-looking young man who cross-dresses. I remember showing a friend of mine FMA03 years ago; he was convinced Envy was a chick and refused to believe me until the very end (the fact that he was voiced by Wendy Powell didn’t help). In Envy’s case though, I guess it doesn’t matter that much.

    And yeah, they came up with some pretty wild plot twists in the 03 anime. The manga’s more coherent and holds together better in the long scheme of things, but I have to give them credit for working with they had at that time. It used to be regarded as amazing back then amongst the fandom as the manga was still far from done yet, and there are some fans who still prefer it over Brotherhood (I’m not one of them, but I can understand why they feel that way).

    If you’re nearly done with FMA03, I’d highly recommend watching the Conqueror of Shamballa movie next – It basically ties up the loose ends and gives the 03 series proper closure.


    Just watched Conqueror Of Shamballa last night, miraculously, the full movie was on youtube! It’s great :D


    I’m not sure if the new generation consider Broly a villain, but for me he is the most badass anime villain ever. “His power is maximum” ;)


    Broly is a pretty interesting villain. People dismissed him as just a brute force berserker and I guess he kinda is (he certainly was in the last two movies). But I’d rank his first movie higher than most of the other DBZ films. There were things to like about it and he hearkened back to the Saiyans, cruel, dark origins; the embodiment of all their ferocity.

    Then there was Toriyama’s own take on the character in the much more recent film which got better reception. I admit I think I actually prefer the dangerous psychopath version, at least as an idea, but there’s tons more potential for the DBS version as an anti-hero in any future Dragon Ball stories.


    My favorite anime villain is easily Johan Liebert from Monster. He is chilling and intimidating without all of the fantasy elements you usually see in anime. He’s someone who can influence the world around him with his charisma. Every new piece of information about him adds another layer to this already very complex character. I think he’s the best villain in anime.


    my all time favorite is garou, hes the definition of an unstoppable force, he refuses to quit. also i think deep down hes not a bad guy, hes my favorite anime villain of all time.


    next is madara uchiha hes just a legend and a badass, he,s spent years manipulating things and putting his plans into motion even from beyond the grave and hes strong as hell he slapped all 5 kage at once while weakened by reanimation, and he wasnt fighting serious. he didnt stand a chance against naruto’s plot armor though.


    next is kabuto, i like his attitude, and loyalty to his cause, his backstory is sad and shows you how lost he is, and it makes it all make sense why hes so loyal to orochimaru, a he,s also very strong, he as a teenager was equal to kakashi in strength, and he pretty much destroyed tsunade 1v1, then after losing orochimaru he became even stronger, and as a dragon sage was able to take on itach and sasuke at once.


    next is kisame, i his personality, hes alway kinda smiling i assume its because hes seen and done so much shit in his life nothing can phase him, his backstory makes him understandable, he was turned into a tool, he had no place and he was made my the war driven ninja world. his death was sad and it said alot about his character. hes extremely powerful, he demolished killer bee, and he only lost to 7th gate guy and he didnt have his sword, which easily makes him top 10 strongest in the show.


    last is obito uchiha, his story brought tears to my eyes, he spent most of his life as a villan, he saw a world that would never be free of loss and darkness, so he fought to pursue madaras goal of creating a world of only victors, a world of dreams where he could be with rin again, i think hes a understandable character. and easy to sympathize with. he spent years in darkness, there was still a part of him that had hope, hes just an amazing character. i dont think i need to explain how strong he is.

    i plan to do a painting of him soon



    Jellal- Fairy tail




    Dartz-Yu Gi Oh

    Light-Death note180envy-1194118-1280x02ea4ec02330e290905dfed72ec42b81db163aa32_hqe93ae7ddc2e0bf853cf0a305290a8d13download


    <p style=”text-align: center;”>2ea4ec02330e290905dfed72ec42b81db163aa32_hqenvy-1194118-1280x0180e93ae7ddc2e0bf853cf0a305290a8d13downloadlightyagami</p>
    These are some of my favourite villains

    Light Death note
    Jellal Fairy tail
    Zamasu Dragonball super
    Envy Full Metal Alchemist brotherhood
    Dartz Yu hi oh


    Tekkaman Evil





    I still can’t believe Kishimoto Julius Ceasar’d this guy in favor of a rabbit princess from the moon or some shit.

    like dude you had one good thing on your hands wtf were you smoking





    Legato Bluesummer from Trigun. Good character design, and a very strong villain.

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