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    seeing as it’s near Halloween was wondering what movies could be recommended that i have not seen

    i will put my 5 favorite ones, all are pretty well known

    hereditary – if u haven’t seen it, defo check it out, has a good build-up and the ending is messed up
    Prometheus – the concept of the storyline and visuals of the movie were great, it gets a lot of slack but i really enjoyed it
    the exorcist – classic, enough said
    aliens – again, classic, if u haven’t seen it, check it out asap
    the thing 1982-  along with the exorcist i seen it when i was still in primary school, for any Americans that’s before you are a teenager, scared the crap outta me, then watch it years later and still holds the test of time, and of course, Kurt Russell, need i say more?

    there is a lot of other great ones but id say these ones really stood out to me and left an afterthought of how much i enjoyed it



    I would pick Alien (1979) over Aliens (1986).  Aliens is more action than horror.

    The Thing (1982) YES!

    Poltergeist (1982) when it first came out gave me shivers (I was into watching lots of TV at the time).

    The Ring (2002) I saw without having heard anything about it.  YICKS!

    Classic Horror is always a good viewing, be it Dracula (1931 with Bela Lugosi) or Frankenstein  (1931 with Boris Karloff) or any of those B&W films.



    A really good horror movie i watched recently’s Marrowbone, the twist at the end’s great

    Also really like It, Pet Sematary, The Babysitter, and Friday The 13th


    poltergeist was good, the remake was awful

    the ring was a cool idea, watched all the Japanese version and prequel movies of it, it was pretty creepy but i wasn’t too into them, again the idea of it was cool


    will check out marrowbone

    original IT i really liked, remakes were visually really good but the original i defo felt more an eerieness about it

    The original pet sematary was decent , again the remake, just dont watch it ha ha


    Anyone in the mood for a little Italian?

    Inferno (1980): Everyone talks up Suspiria (and I still haven’t seen that remake yet), but I like this semi-sequel almost as much. It’s got style and atmosphere to burn.

    The Beyond (1981): Technically the middle part of a trilogy with City of the Living Dead and House by the Cemetery, but it stands on its own. Surreal and gory.

    Demons (1985): One of the all-time great action-horror movies with a bitchin’ soundtrack.

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    by modern-day movie standards, the remake of Suspiria i thought was good, pretty brutal ending as well


    Sleepy Hollow 1999

    Is a very scary and fun movie. Johnny Depp really does playing Ichabod Crane .

    The Headless house was very scary and cool.




    Dark Shadows 2012 Movie Starring Johnny Depp

    Sleepy Hollow 1999 Movie Starring Johnny Depp




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    2012 Dark Shadows

    1999 Sleepy Hollow



    I don’t like the film Sleepy Hallow all that much, but I will never forget when I went to see it in theaters. The whole atmosphere of the movie was unnerving but to make matters worse the theater was FREEZING COLD…. I don’t know if they did that on purpose (I had never been in a theater that cold before or since) but it certainly increased the erie factor exponentially.


    Sleepy Hallow’s one of the first horror movies i watched, and strangely, one of the few horror movies that didn’t send me running from the TV screaming, i was 8 or 9 years old! I need to re-watch it 🎃

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    Dawn of the Dead (2004)

    A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

    Silver Bullet (1985)

    Poltergeist (1982)

    The Evil Dead (1981)

    The Fly (1986)

    Child’s Play (1988)

    The Cell (2000)

    As Above, So Below (2014)

    The Mothman Prophecies (2002)

    1408 (2007)



    Night of the Demon (also released as Curse of the Demon in a heavily edited form in the US). It may be more than 60 years old now (made in 1957) and the effects are dated but its still among my favourites of all films.


    Evil Dead.

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