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    These two are my fav games all time love FF7remake more  then OG on PS1


    Cloud is my fav


    I’d like to agree with you but I’ll wait till I’ve seen the other 2(?) parts..

    You’re still getting a thumbs up for having excellent taste!


    As a side note, it’ll take alot for me to favour the remake over the original!



    I will never play it, it has unecessary changes and censorship, besides that it’s an incomplete game we can’t even say with 100% certainty right now we will ever see completed. The original though is one of the best games ever and I will always be sad we never got a remaster looking like the PS3 FF7 Tech Demo.


    I might finish FF VII Remake this weekend… I gotta say, I’m not enjoying it that much… many childish scenes, many awkward dialogues … many cutscenes just wasting time… a few scenes with censorship… a few woke , super awkward and unnecessary scenes at the wall market (massage + honey bee) …

    oh well… cant wait to finish it and move to another game -_-‘

    Ps: ok, there are some cool fights and some cool cloud scenes, but other than that is meh (in my opinion).


    This is all over the place.

    Yeah, put me in the camp I do not care if I EVER play FFVII Remake. It’s not Final Fantasy VII. It’s a completely different beast. FFXIII took 3 tries to make a story that even made some sense. XV had some emotion in it, I will admit the ending got to me a bit, but in hindsight is dumb as fuck and that is ALL it offered. The button mashing action combat sucks, and I hate it in Final Fantasy. It’s fine for a game like Darksiders or Zelda, but I got to Final Fantasy for Final Fantasy! I don’t play Mega Man to get a game like Doom. Just  saying.

    There was a time when I wanted a remake. After seeing what they did to Final Fantasy VII, I absolutely HATE what they did to it. I enjoy FF7 because I can just chill and play at my pace. No button mashing.  No frantic action. And it’s a complete game. I would have been content with the entire game just using updated graphics. Maybe make the world sprites and battle sprites the same. Remix the music. CHANGE NOTHING ELSE. That is all I ever asked for. I knew the day the trailer launched that this remake was something I wasn’t going to want.

    All the spin offs of FF7 were cute at first, but in the 2000’s Square-Enix changed. Everything has become stagnant or forced. The add-ons to the story are just dumb. Advent Children was good. They made a “complete” edition that was somehow inferior. Crisis Core was meh. Dirge of Cerberus was meh. Everything post FF9 has the same damn art style.

    And this is something that killed my enjoyment of FF7 for the future no mater which version I play. Once I realized this, I can’t un-realize it. It’s always in the back of my mind. In it’s absolute purest form, FF7 is about playing as eco-terrorists in a self righteous politically charged narrative. It really kills my enjoyment. I can’t STAND that shit in my entertainment. It really killed it for me.

    Back in the 90’s we had things like Xenogears, Brave Fencer Musashi, Final Fantasy Tactics… Some diversity in style. Every Final Fantasy was DIFFERENT. I lost so much respect for Square in the last decade. While not entirely accurate, everything Square nowadays just looks the same to me.

    Everything REAL Final Fantasy, not this online garbage that shouldn’t be a numbered entry, post FFXII has just been bad. I have zero interest in XVI. XV was the last straw.

    I look forward to being able to repeat that opinion when part 2 comes out in 2029.

    Rant over.


    FFVIIR was an ok game, but the changes hurt it. To be fair, it’s more of a closet sequel than a remake though. False advertising at it’s finest.

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