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    Victor James

      “Kevin Jones is a down on his luck Mega-hero named Fiasco in the emerging town of New Haven, Oregon. After years of numerous failures, Kevin inexplicably captures the woman of his dreams. For a time he puts away the mask, and his partnership with the Mega Talon, to be with her, content in the simplicity of hope. Yet, circumstances forces Kevin to don the alter ego of Fiasco once again when he has to to prove that he is worthy of the woman who chose him above all others with predictably disastrous results.”

      Hello Geeks and Gamers! I have posted this in the book forum but It’s also a story about a mega-hero pulled from my years in comics. Above is a synopsis of a story I am writing. Instead of complaining about woke stories, I decided to write my own that is free from politics, and returns to escapism. We must create our own stories, worlds, and characters to replace those that have been ruined.

      I have published just a small snippet to substack so far to get used to the interface, but there will be more to follow. So, if you are on the john, and need something quick to read, take a look! If you like superheroes, and can stand my mediocre writing skills, you will enjoy this.

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