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    Victor James

    @Roccandil Wow, I have to thank you twice for reading my story since I know now that you don’t really read superheroes. I honestly did not know that.

    And wow, you went back to pulp novels! I never read this one, but it sound very interesting! This is definitely a superhero given the description.

    I read something like this from the link:

    “Packard describes him as “Six feet he stood, muscular in every line of his body, like a well-trained athlete with no single ounce of superfluous fat about him—the grace and ease of power in his poise. His strong, clean-shaven face, as the light fell upon it now, was serious—a mood that became him well—the firm lips closed, the dark, reliant eyes a little narrowed, a frown on the broad forehead, the square jaw clamped.”

    And my first thought is, “How did he get this way?” I think for Fiasco I’m starting at that phase, the before hero. Talon actually is where Jimmie is, secure, confident, strong, and competent. Fiasco wants to get there.

    I think you might be please with the rest of the story, but I’m not 100% sure lol.

Viewing 61 post (of 61 total)
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