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    Good evening all!

    If you follow my channel you know that I just launched an initiative raising money for a new server, hard drives, etc with the intention of digitizing and preserving films and TV shows that the modern woke world has deemed to be problematic. We have already seen movies be pulled down from streaming services and some even be edited. My first goal is to establish a server that can grow over time with the purpose of it preserving these projects in case other studios start to pull their own projects.

    Obviously many people utilize sites like pirate bay to access media for free. My project is simply meant to preserve the media in its fullest forms (special features, etc) with the ability to recreate hard disk physical media if it ever comes to the point where a studio refuses to release their content or attempt to destroy all copies.

    Eventually I would love to be able to digitize other media like VHS or Laserdisc which some films are exclusively available on and a real high end goal would be the ability to hunt down original 35mm, etc prints of movies to preserve those as well (similar to what project 4k has done for Star Wars.

    For more information please see the video link attached and if you wish to donate to this project please consider using the pay pal or streamlabs link. Thank you for your time and attention and may God bless you all! If you have any questions or recommendations about the project please feel free to message me here on Geeks and Gamers! Here is to physical media and preserving the films and shows we love!






    Dude you really are a Norse God for doing this Odin, I agree that films need to be preserved they are history, art and entertainment all rolled up into one media. If we don’t save them now people like your son may not get to see the original Star Wars in it’s original conception when he is 31 years old like I am now.

    I wish I had money and skills to help you in this project but I guess all I can do is give this comment to you in support of your project bud.

    I wish you luck and success on this.


    That’s a great idea @OdinsMovieBlog

    Speaking of movies being edited, yesterday I watched Lilo And Stitch with a friend, and she has Disney+, I told her about how Disney+ edited the scene of Lilo hiding in the dryer, or dish washer? I know for sure it wasn’t the washing machine ’cause that was next to it, my friend was like “no way, why would they edit that?!”, and this is one of my friend’s favorite movies, so we watched it to see if it did indeed have the edited scene, and sure thing, the worst was confirmed

    Thanks for protecting movie history All Father of Geeks And Gamers


    Normally I’d frown at the idea of pirating films and TV but this is a wonderful idea! Especially since some stuff on VHS isn’t available on dvd/blue-ray due to distribution rights in certain countries. This is why I always get physical copies of films on dvd or blue-ray (if they are worthy enough for the HD treatment that is!). I had to wait 20+ years in order to get the original Pokemon tv series on blue-ray even though I’ve also been watching them on the Pokemon website it’s self (haven’t done it in a while though as the last time I went on it, it kept crashing for some odd reason).

    Also, it’s a great idea especially when you get companies like Disney censoring stuff because of a tiny percentage of people getting offended by things such as that scene on ‘Splash’ which got edited for showing a mermaid’s butt! Not seen it myself but I’ve been considering it of late. It’s one of the reasons why I’d never get Disney+. That and the price.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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