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    Anyone still playing this game? I’m trying to %100 the achievements on it and the final fight in the combat simulator against the summons broke me like Terras armor did in KH2.

    Still not sure how I feel about the ending; and the potential for them to change important elements from the story; but I still plan on getting part 2 when it comes.


    I was going to try and 100% the game just took a break from it before I started the grind on hard. And advice for hard mood.

    I also agree not sure about the ending and how it will affect the next game. I feel the developer used it to free themselves up from making a 1 to 1 remake. Will be interesting on what they end up doing


    Has any of you played final fantasy XII from ps2 era? – The game have been remaked with better graphics to ps4.

    Been playing that game for like 300 hours, collected every esper, rare gear and such. I remember a battle, 3 fucking hours long. Never been into a battle like that before.


    3 hour long fight. Sounds like my first successful battle against FF7 Diamond weapon in 97.

    FF7r’s ending made sense; when you consider that the spirit of the 97 Areith has taken control of the remake Arieth and is actively trying to alter the future. The ending of the origional game even though it was the only one offered indicated that the planet itself killed all of humanity to reset the balance of nature. Sephiroth from 97 also seems to be in the remake timeline still working toward his goal of bringing the meteor.

    That is why there are sections where Areith seems to know things that she cant know. She knew Cloud before they met. She knew Tifa before they met. She knew Marlene before Tifa told her to go rescue her.

    Honestly I dont ever get 100% on any game no matter how awesome it is. Some of the random things you need to get are too obscure w/o doing off random missions half a dozen times. I also cant figure out how some of the videos Ive watched are generating the damage they do as Ive used the same materia and equipment and do chump damage.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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