Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered

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    Anyone else hyped up for this? It’s a remaster of an old classic I loved back in the day. (Though it had its problems, namely the stupidly expensive cords and GBAs you’d have to buy to do multiplayer.) Lots of people talk about how great the multiplayer was, but I confess I never got to experience it myself. I was the only gamer in my area growing up, so it was all single player experiences for me.

    Its remaster is also looking to be pretty darn robust. Not the more cynical cash-grab remasters that just clean up the ‘fuzzy’ look of the old 240p resolution and then call it a day. New content, new voice acting, new character looks, actually shaping up to be pretty sweet.

    I mostly played with the Yuke tribe back in the day (back then, and even now, I have this thing where if there are multiple races to choose from, I’ll probably prefer the more blatantly inhuman ones, and in the case of CC, that’s the bird-like Yukes), and I’ll probably continue to do the same in this remaster. Planning on going for the PS4 version unless I get word of some horrific issues plaguing that version of the game.


    Was this some portable game back in the day? I dont remember it at all.

    But any FF title is good for me.


    I’m importing the physical edition for switch

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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