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    i can’t be the only one playing FEH or Azur Lane? I’m wondering if the G&G folks play Both games if so sound off here i would love to know


    I play Azur Lane. Only started towards the beginning of the year. RNG is evil 😢


    Been a daily player of FEH since it launched back in 2017. Been around even with all of IS’s rather frustrating decisions with the app (and their periodic good ones). Currently sitting on 1,889 orbs atm, of which only 9 are paid orbs. If you’re curious as to what I’m saving up for, after enjoying Peony as a Light Mythic in Aether Raids, I have my fingers crossed for one of the Book IV sub-antagonists, Triandra or Plumeria, to be the Astra Mythic Dancer I’m looking for once they’re summonable.

    However, never played Azur Lane.


    Nuked both my main and alt FEH accounts in the latter half of 2018, after playing the game almost religiously since launch, because the game felt more and more like an annoying chore where power-creep had set in. The rather lacklustre progress of the story (what little there was of it) didn’t help.

    Azur Lane is decent, even if the closest thing it has to a coherent story is scattered into a hundred different pieces across events that are often in non-chronological order. The necessity to spend gems to expand your docks if you gotta catch ’em all is also a bit annoying. You’d think they could at least afford to give players some free dock slots, with all the money people are spending on the skins.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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