Food for thought – “Twitter Founder Calls for the End of Chinese Regime”

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    So a thought I had that I think many would agree with but you might not have though about it in reverse.

    I am against the US being involved in nation building.  Yes, assist allies and help those in need but DO NOT occupy a country to “rebuild it”.  Hell don’t occupy one at all.

    Now the reverse of that I am also in favor of.  No nation dismantling.  No proxy wars, no coups, no dabbling in their politics.  This goes for China too.

    Let them do their thing and we do ours. We don’t have to agree and we don’t help them but we keep our hands to ourselves unless someone forces us to defend ourselves at which point we turn vicious but only at that point.

    BUT, at the same time, we should be self sufficient and be able to stand on our own.



    If the US, would call in ALL debt owed us, stop spending money on foreign aid. Within 5, 10 years top we could abolish the Homeless crisis here. With Medical regulation on cost, every American could have next to no cost health coverage.

    That is truth. You can build a simple house 3 bed 2.5 bath 1400 sqft for $150,000.00 that means 50 million people could have a house for 7.5B bought and paid for. How much was that bill that just past again? How much have we spent on Ukraine or other Countries in just the last 2 years?

    The biggest single entity of destruction to The United States is 530ish people in Washington D.C. Known as the Congress. China aint got nothing on what those monsters do to their own people.


    Agreed on the congress thing for sure.

    But money would not solve homelessness nor poverty because money is not the cause of those issues as they exist en masse. If it would, both things would have gotten better and not worse as money was thrown at them. I think their cause in general is that same 530+ group of people.

    I think the homeless thing was probably not your point (which I understand and agree with) but the throw more money at the poor is a pet peeve because it does not help.


    Don’t you just love the timing of this.

    With twatter trying to force Musk to buying it at the quoted priced based off number of bots they claimed at the time.

    So with this calls against the CCP very publicly by Dorsey, it shows me while Dorsey wants his shares at Musk’s original price, Dorsey is also making the expansion within china (or even its complete BAN) go against twatter’s growth.

    According to the just-released proxy, Dorsey owns 18,042,428 Twitter shares, or 2.4% of the total.Apr 26, 2022

    Give us your money, and we will do all in our power to undermine the value/future growth of the company.

    Dorsey already made all he can out of twitter.  He, like the rest of twatter’s board of directors/executive officers, want to run ship with Musk’s money, knowing this is the best time and most likely only time they would ever get that amount.


    While I do agree with his opinion that any communist/marist regime must be removed (as a threat to world people, freedoms, prosperity, democracy), the timing of such a statement is wrong.

    It if was made when the CCP surrounding the independent nation of Taiwan (and peace in that area of the world), OK I could go with the timing.  And the anger we all have with this excuse over Pelosi’s visit.   But now, the timing of it is so wrong, IMO.


    Money is not the problem, It is the people for sure. The money could easily be used to build the homes. Right now its earmarked more for pet projects that do not work. Heck build houses as per the needs of the person… Single person gets a smaller house so the money goes further even. Yes it will not address the mental health aspect which is part of the problem. Those as distasteful as it may seem to say, should be institutionalized. The country has gotten away from accepting that need.

    This conversation could go on for a long time. As there are many issues involved. But the bottom line is Until the funding is locked down after obtaining for specific things that WORK and not pet projects that never will (I E ) Taking it out of the hands of Congress and Politicians in general it is a doomed idea just like so many others.


    “What is history but the story of how politicians squandered the blood and treasure of the human race” — Thomas Sowell


    This harkens back to what I wrote a few days ago. China and Russia are the last obstacles to global US rule.

    The US moving chip production stateside means the US expects China to retake Taiwan. It also means the US is preparing the necessary infrastructure for war. Obviously they can’t start WW3 now, but the moment they have the option of shooting down Russian and Chinese ICBMs en route to Washington, they will definitely attack. No question about it. Most likely with nukes to make a statement.

    Never thought I’d say it, but I’m supporting the Chinese on this. At this point China and Russia would be very wise to launch a preemptive nuclear strike. If not, they US will eventually win and plunge humanity into darkness and evil forever.

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    Almost sounds like something from Nostradamus, and his predictions regarding WWIII @Wisdom

    And a nuclear war is a lose-lose for the entire world.

    We need something like what ended the Cold World and the Soviets.

    Sadly, the west and its leaders/corporations are more concerned with profits and money over the threat of communist/marxist spreading its evil across the world once more.

    While I agree the CCP regime needs to go and the exiled government in Taiwan returned to its true power over China, it needs to happen from within.

    Any outside military option is a lose-lose.

    An economic one (like what we did during the Cold War), is what must be done.

    Pelosi visited Aug 2nd, and Dorsey should have made his statement on the FIRST day of the CCP threatening peace and security of Taiwan’s borders and space with their live ammo drills/blockade, not a week afterwards when it looks likes things are slowing down.  Or was Dorsey hoping to escalate things?



    “And a nuclear war is a lose-lose for the entire world.”

    That is the one thing preventing one – for now. But the moment the US can knock those ICBMs out of the sky mid flight, it will attack China and Russia.

    “Sadly, the west and its leaders/corporations are more concerned with profits and money over the threat of communist/marxist spreading its evil across the world ”

    Dude, the west’s leaders ARE the communists – or possibly worse. Look up the people running the west. Nato secretary Jens Stoltenberg for example was a member of a communist youth group and threw rocks at the windows of the US consulate to protest the Vietnam war. He is also a virulent anti-semite
    Here’s an Israeli paper on how he fostered anti Israel sentiment during his tenure as prime minister of Norway.

    Stoltenberg, like virtually every leader in any NATO country except Erdogan and Orban is a protegé of George Soros – who now also leads the charge against Russia and China after they banned his organizations from operating. Soros was a Nazi collaborator in WW2 Hungary who delivered Jews to the Nazi regime.

    The greatest trick the Socialists ever pulled was to pretend they were opposed to the Nazis. It was always the same ideology.



    The scary part is I think that Soros is not the solve arbiter of evil. There is a cabal of folks, WEF types, who I think are all in this thing.  From what I gather the mega city thing, the reduce farming thing, the eat the bugs and live in the pods thing, are all social engineering coming from them.  They as a whole (including Soros) are trying to social engineer the world.  Again, I think Soros is just a single head on that multi-headed dragon.  Communism is their plan but it is just part of it.

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