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      Fall has pretty much arrived, and so have the yummies!!

      Can’t wait to try as many of these as possible next time I go!

      Foodie Guide to 2020 Fall Treats at Walt Disney World Resort: Parks Edition

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      Those all look and sound so very tasty!  Thanks for sharing Thatthuglife.

      Last time I was at Disney I paid $9 for a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.  I wonder if the prices have become any more reasonable within the past 10 years?  Or would you need to spend a small life savings just to sample most of the things on that list?

      I am partly just being a wise ass yet there is a hint of truth in my statement here.  The food prices in the park are a bit on the pricey side.   Yeah when I use to go to places like these I would go all out and splurge and treat myself and the wife without thinking much about the price tag.  Sometimes it is the experience you are paying for over the actual food.  Now that we have a kid and stuff now things have kind of changed and really don’t go all out like I use to.

      Not to mention the stuff we have talked about with Disney.  But not here to bring down the vibe here or anything.  I just thought I would comment and let you know how wonderful it all looks.  At this point I am just torturing myself.  I love candy and have a sweet tooth of a true mad lad.

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