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    The website is great. I cannot wait to see what the future of Geeks and Gamers holds on this website.


    Thank you!


    I am with Roas.  I hope to become premium as soon as my hours stable out at work.  We have had to flex thanks to  the damn Beer Bug.  But I think and hope we are turning a corner.  Patients not being able to do elective surgeries killed us.  But we are back on track.


    You would have to pay double.  He needs gas money for me.


    Best of luck, my friend. Regardless I appreciate the support!


    I’d be happy to support you over here Jeremy.  So you can do what you do best.   Telling the truth with logic and sometimes that little extra passion that most of us feel deep down too.  Want to help you break those restraints that You Tube has put on you.

    Plus with the whole Twitter thing glad to see you purge that place.  That deserve a membership on its own.

    Just got done supporting Memology 101 this week.. But I got you next week my friend!



    Jeremy, you have spent so much time on everything you do just for our entertainment! You are awesome man, keep up the great work and don´t  let anyone tell you differently!


    I signed up for premium specifically because I thought it was a cool kids club.


    Always good to have another Stupid Daikini!


    I am finally here. After 2.5 years of giving Jeremy pure moral support I figured time to step up and support the cause in a monetary fashion. $10/month is what I have been saving by not going to see Charlies Angels, buying shitty Marvel comics or wasting money with a Disney Plus subscription.


    Honestly just glad I could help support something that I not only will be using to express what I can’t in other places but for all the hard work Jeremy and his team has put in over the years.  Wanted to add I have been with G&G for years, back when it was a very small channel of about 500 of us.

    So happy to see how far this has gone!

    In times like these, we need these places and people behind us.

    Thanks again G&G members and staff!


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    Hello @DDayCobra and Premium Members, I hope everyone is doing well on Father’s Day. I just wanted to make a simple request to the Geeks and Gamers team and the webmasters about general discussions in forums. In the Entertainment and Gaming sections, there are no general discussion forums for these particular areas of pop culture and entertainment. In order to keep the forums consistent, I suggest that there be general discussion forums in the entertainment and gaming sections. This will help others in the community start to generate more ideas about video gaming and physical forms of digital media. For instance, when it comes to entertainment, the general discussion forum could be used to organize discussions about movie adaptations from book to film. Another example for video games with the general discussion forum, the community can discuss and debate cross-platform video games about which console and/or computer system runs best on a particular platform. All in all, this is just a simple suggestion from a premium member that the webmasters could get to in the future. I just wanted to give the heads up ahead of time to those who are interested. Below are screenshots of the forum areas missing general discussion forums. In the second screenshot, I also showed the sports section to show visually what I want in the entertainment and gaming sections. Thank you in advance for your feedback and replies.


    Capture 0Capture 1


    Thank you, Jeremy and Geeks and Gamers for a general discussion in the gaming section. I appreciate it.


    I am hoping to soon be a premium member. I have been a fan of geeks and gamers since the very begininng.

Viewing 14 posts - 16 through 29 (of 29 total)
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