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    Yesterday I responded to some forum posts like normal, but unlike normal, they didn’t even show up.  The forum itself registers my post as being the last post made, as can be seen in the image below, but when you click on it, my response doesn’t even exist.  For example this thread someone made about a problem they had with their Nintendo 64.

    I was the last one to post in the thread yesterday, but the response doesn’t show up for me.  All I see is his last response.  Can anyone see my second post in the thread or is it invisible to you too?

    N64 Memory Pak


    N64 memory pak post geeks + gamers forum -


    Did you make one ore more edits in rapid succession?

    The forum will eat a post if you do that. It’s an old bug.


    No I didn’t edit anything that I can recall.  This disappearing act didn’t just happen to 1 of my posts either, but every single one I made yesterday.  A total of about 5-6 replies.


    It happens many times. Usually when it happens to me is because I posted more than 1 url link in the post. I think it might be some kind of anti-spam feature that don’t allow posts to have multiple links. In any case, usually if you click to go back your post is still there in the replying box hopefully and you can just edit, deleting the links and post it.


    I don’t recall posting any links at all Hazu.

    To the best of my memory all I was doing was responding to topics with text.  Five of my censored responses are all in a row, including the Gina thread which I’m almost certain I made a response in too.  Take a look at this screenshot:

    Geeks + Gamers forum bug-censorship - 3-30-21


      This is happening to me a lot. I just joined today. Several of my posts show up if I am LOGGED IN but do not appear if I am logged out. One of the ones that are hidden is a list of bugs in the issues forum.


        I don’t know if this is related or not… But occasionally I will see someone post a reply that is the 16th reply. I will click on the link to see the post and everything comes up blank. There isn’t even a link to page 1. I’ve seen this a few times. The front page will say there are 16 posts and the post itself will only show 15 posts (of 15 total) at the bottom.

        I wonder if this has to do with a code bug using base 16 hexadecimal math… Each time I notice it, it’s always 16. Perhaps it is forcing post 16 to moderation. I don’t know…


        Most Recent Topics page



        Clicking on the Most Recent Topics page “1” box opens this



        Clicking on the Most Recent Topics page “2” box opens this



        Yay, I noticed it many times.

        I click on the last page on the replies to get a no-replies screen.

      Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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