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      Too bad it’s on CrappleTV+, hopefully they will license it to other platforms IF the show is superb quality. I for one like the casting choices.


      I am SUPER stoked about this. I learned AppleTV+ was financing the production a week or so after it went live, and after watching awesome shows like See and For All Mankind, I decided to subscribe to the channel. Obviously they don’t have a lot of shows yet, but those they have are worth watching.

      But Foundation? OMG, this is looking so good. I’ve been waiting for this to happen FOREVER!



      I had some hope and hype for this, until now:

      “It’s only recently that I’ve noticed these Gamergate reactionary cis-het-white dude bros saying you can’t be brown or a woman in genre.”

      What can I even say about this..? I hope some YouTubers will pick this up


      People subscribe to Apple TV?


      I’ve noticed some people resisting the idea of changing traditionally write superheroes into black ones. I’m guessing he’s referring to that.


      I do. I’m happy to support good, smart TV. It’s not for everyone, but it works for me. To each his own.


      Latest Foundation Trailer. Is there a thread or topic on Foundation?
      The fate of an entire galaxy rests on the beliefs of Dr. Hari Seldon (Jared Harris). Will his conviction save humanity or doom it?

      Asimov. During the time of Frank Herbert and Asimov, I heard that only two writers of sci-fi out of all of them were actual scientists and that was Asimov himself and Arthur C. Clarke. Robert A. Heinlein was out there, but he was not an official scientist and neither was Frank Herbert. Reading about that made me think then, that the only real sci-fi author was Arthur C. Clarke because I heard he had actual, legit inventions under his belt like satellites and stuff.


      Isaac Asimov’s Vision of Humanity’s Future | Foundation Ending Explained

      Quinn’s Ideas

      One of the key facts about human beings is that each of us is individual and yet we live in societies that sometimes act as superorganisms, it is very difficult for one individual to steer the course of the whole species. This is sometimes a good thing there moments that the human spirit seems to join as one and great things can be accomplished. And this is sometimes also a bad thing, for example, man-lead climate change is an issue that scientists have known about for quite some time, but the human entity runs on oil, the actions of a single individual would have little impact to slow the rate of change. The organism moves on its own, even if everyone watching this video somehow finds a way to never contribute to fossil fuel emissions ever again for the rest of their lives this would essentially do nothing because the human entity is far too large. This is much akin to how the individual cells in your body make up you, but the individual cells themselves have no say over your actions.

      Individuality itself is often heralded as one of the virtues of mankind, but individuality is also the cause of much of the turmoil in human society. Individuality leads to chaos, though many would argue that this is a necessary vice of a free society. Individuality and free expression are part of what makes life worth living. Often when free expression and individuality are stripped, as in both the modern and history fascist regimes of the earth, societal wellbeing, in general, goes down dramatically. Fascism does not breed progress of any kind, under these types of structures the soul of mankind bleeds. The happiest societies in the world emphasize individuality and freedom.

      Beyond personal individuality, humans also have a tendency to break themselves into groups, sometimes based on traits that members of that group share, sometimes based on geographical association. Different groups of humans often find themselves at odds, competing for resources and power of all forms. With such groupings prejudice also forms, and as these groups persist throughout time generation prejudices and forms and differences between groups of humans start to be distorted in the eyes of opposing groups. This of course leads to many problems in society. If mankind could view itself as a homogenous group not divided by arbitrary lines the things we could accomplish could be great. Isaac Asimov deals with some of these ideas in his Foundation book series, and that is mainly what we are here to discuss today.

      Quinn’s Website:


      I prefer books. Starting to agree with comments that there are some works of literature that just don’t need a cinematic version, but if they are willing to try, then great. A lot of fantasy and sci-fi is coming out lately. I have yet to get hooked on Wheel Of Time and some others. In Foundation, I like that actor Lee Pace who was in Hobbit as Thranduil, the elf king. I still want to see a Pixar Rebels/Clone Wars type animation of ElfQuest.

      NEW Foundation Trailer Shows Much More! Will This Be Good?


      Asimov’s FOUNDATION Everything You Need to Know | Apple TV+ Series
      Pete Peppers
      Everything you need to know about Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Apple TV+ series. The Foundation season 1 premiere date is 9/24/2021


      i have it on my watchlist. really hope it’s decent…


      Less than a week away



      Watch two minutes of Foundation before its galactic debut only on Apple TV+. Tune in for the series premiere with 6 months free on PS5.


      first two episodes are out.

      Asimov’s Foundation (SPOILERS!) Episodes 1-2 Review: Beautiful and Epic but Flawed…
      Quinn’s Ideas
      Hello Guys. Here is my review of the first two episodes of Apple Tv’s brand new Foundation show! Heads up, SPOILERS in this review!

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