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      Just a place to keep a sorta database of the free anime streaming site we find 😁

      Crunchyroll – I know, not totally free if you don want ads, but it has Digimon adventure 2020, and half the time ads don’t even work anyway 😂

      Anime Log @FallenOmegaStar has a whole thread dedicated to this one, it just started on youtube and has a couple of subbed thing already, there’s suppost to be a global channel too, but as of now it’s still empty

      CartoonCrazy – This one was introduced to me by @Roas, and i’m very happy with the amount of anime and cartoons it has for me to binge watch 🤩

      Watch Cartoon Online (WCO) – Found this one thru CartoonCrazy, has both dubbed and subbed anime

      And i’m happy to say that CartoonCrazy and WCO are hentai-ad free!


      I watch Anime in these sites:

      Anime Frenzy on my computer which has no ads.

      GogoAnime on my smart TV at it’s web browser.


        Thanks for sharing

        Will check out AnimeFrenzy

        I tried GogoAnime, but hentai ads pop up before i can even start watching anime 😂

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        There are lots of good ones out there.

        I use  Has really High Quality vids.

        Also is good for American cartoons too.


        I mostly use Simplyaweeb


          A couple more free anime streaming sites i found:

          9Anime – Was looking for a site to stream Redo Of Healer, this is the site i found with the least pop-ups and hentai ads, and it has ROH uncensored, ROH is very dark and is x-rated, so if that doesn’t suit your anime taste i advise not to watch it

          AnimeLab – This one’s not available in my country yet, but it looks good and has a lot of stuff, so if anyone can get it to work, please let me know how it is :3

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          If you’re a JoJo fan like me, the free streaming service Tubi has the entire anime available, while Hulu is still missing Vento Aureo/Golden Wind.

          Also, is there anything interesting on Crunchyroll that’s free?


            Hi @KBGMan01, i heard  of Tubi, but it’s not available where i am yet 😿

            I’m watching Digimon Adventure 2020 on Crunchyroll, but i suggest starting with the original Digimon Adventure first, that’s also just been added

            It also has the first 43 episodes of Detective Conan/Case Closed, if you decide to start watching this, be warned, the full series is 900+ episodes and counting

            Then it’s got all seasons of Yu-Gi-Oh up to Arc-V

            And a new anime which just came out i’m gonna start watching So I’m A Spider, So What? 🕷

            These are my picks, there’s a lot more to explore 😸


              RetroCrush is a cool site that has an entire catalog of classic subbed and dubbed anime shows and movies that can be streamed freely and legally:




                There are great sites you can go to to download anime…”wink…if you know what I mean”.

                With Anime I don’t like streaming, I like to have the video and watch it how I choose. I like to have it uncensored (if it is available that way), with all the audio options and subs. I am learning Japanese, so I want to hear it in Japanese and read the subs. But, I also want the option to hear the english dub, if one was made, if I am doing stuff around the house and just want to listen. So, I download…and have it forever. :)

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                Same, i have everything in my 2T HDD , I like to watch it in the highest quality possible. But I think we can’t talk about it, because in most countries it’s piracy and people can get in trouble haha :x

                Back in the day it was okay to download animes, they were all translated by Fansubs. I was part of a fansub before, translating and encoding some animes. Hard work for free lol but worth it. xD


                  @DarthVengeant and @Hazu, i also prefere to own copies of the anime i like, i’m slowly building up my physical collection, VHSs, DVDs, and BluRays, but as of now i have a very limited budget 😅💸

                  Even when i do download or record stuff, i still like to burn them to disc, unfortunately though many of my favorite anime have become very hard to find to download, so in the meantime my broke ass has streaming to fall back on and binge all the anime i want, like this i’m also discovering lots of new anime i really like and will eventually buy physical copies


                  I bought this dvd last month:



                  it has almost all their movies I think, the video quality is not good thou. But for the price (around $7 xD lol) it’s fine haha

                  There’s other versions with better quality for $20 (here in HK). It’s worth it.


                    Wow! That’s so cool 😸

                    The only ghibli film I have on DVD as of now is Spirited Away, had it since I was 5/6 years old

                    Unfortunately where I am a collection like that goes for 40/50 bucks if not more 💸💸💸💸

                    I have gotten lucky with other anime though, got Digimon The Movie VHS on ebay for only 3 bucks, and found season 1 Ojamajo Doremi box set DVD for 30 bucks, not the cheapest, but still half price compared to what box sets usually go for here

                    And of course, christmas and birthdays are always a great time to expand your collection 😁


                    @DigiCat I have a pretty big physical collection myself mostly of blu-rays followed by DVDs. Once you start buying physical, it gets addictive, just like buying manga. I also rip my blu-rays/DVDs to my PC so I can watch my stuff on Plex.  I have streaming services as well and usually watch them instead of a blu-ray/DVD I own so I don’t have to open my copy.

                    To get back on topic, if you’re a Mobile Suit Gundam fan, the Gundaminfo Youtube channel has a lot of the old and new shows available to watch for free. Also, you can watch some free stuff on Funimation but it’s limited like Crunchyroll and with ads.

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