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    Thanks All,, It gets hard trying to find it these days the way some places are getting greedy


    Cartooncrazy errored,, maybe down for servicing,, but WCO, I found what I wanted fast and they do a Chrome compatable browser and HD,, love it,, Many Thanks @Digicat,, I will try others to of course.


    I like retro crunch. had some good classics on the side and there adding more. there also a youtube channel that does free anime but forgot the name.


    Another free anime streaming site, this one was recommendet to me on MyAnimeList :3



    Found 2 more free streaming sites while desperately looking for somewhere to watch Ore Tsushima (new cat anime)

    9AnimeShow (not to be confused with 9anime)



    Cheers DigiCat


    A good place to watch obscure OVAs and a shit tone of other anime



    Zoro has his own anime streaming site, now grab a snack and go watch One Piece ☠

    zoro snack gif


    Got recommended this as well on MyAnimeList AniMixPlay


    Another free anime streaming site to add to the collection



    I love using

    It’s free and tells you upfront if it’s dubbed or subbed

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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