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    BLM is now harrassing people at restaurants.

    BLM can kiss my ass.


    The brown shirts, the Gestapo, Vecheka/KGB, the BLM and antifa.


    They are all the same.  They should all be eradicated.


    @NikoBellic I would not “fuck blm”, for who knows how many STDs and STIs you would get from them.  They are that sick/degranged.


    All of these people need to be charged. I’m so tired of this crap


    I would like to see them trying that shit in Texas. They might get a little surprise… Like a 9mm surprise.


    This is only happening in Blue States and DC which is essentially the same thing!


    This one ANTIFAG tried shit like that in Texas and he got turned into Swiss cheese. Guns are only good when everyone can have them.


    Why do you think the blue states/governors/senators/etc want to get rid of guns from the lawful abiding citizens?

    Those nazi-crats want an authoritarian state!

    Restrict the rights of the people to defend themselves.

    Have the people forced to depend of the government for everything in their lives.

    Being mindless slaves to the party.


    Funny that you should call them NAZI-crats because the NAZIs also set out to repossess the property of a certain group of privileged people, took guns away from civilians and got rid of all opposition.



    These people make me having fantasies I never though I could have, I hate them so much.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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