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    Gutless MLB pushes Biden’s big lie

    President Biden and top members of his administration continue to lie to the public about Georgia’s new voting law…

    No surprise there.

    “One could understand a flub in a news conference. But then this same claim popped up in an official presidential statement. Not a single expert we consulted who has studied the law understood why Biden made this claim, as this was the section of law that expanded early voting for many Georgians,” the analysis reads.

    “Somehow Biden managed to turn that expansion into a restriction aimed at working people, calling it ‘among the outrageous parts’ of the law. There’s no evidence that is the case.

    The demented dems “feel” that expanding early voting is suppressing the vote.

    So, one would think the rest of the media would follow suit in condemning the Biden administration for misleading the American public on such a sensitive issue. But instead, they continue to push the “suppression” line.

    The lying legacy media does not report facts and truths, when they can push their agenda.

    Major companies, including Delta and Major League Baseball (MLB), have bought into the Biden voting lie as well. In the case of MLB, the league has even gone so far as to move its annual All-Star Game, which generates millions of dollars for the cities that host it every July, out of Atlanta to protest a law that actually expands voting in the Peach State.

    But it was a law by the Republicans, so in their snowflake mentality, it cannot be anything good and actually expands voting rights.

    Enter USA Today’s “race and inequality” editor of its sports section, who declared that all major professional sports leagues and Division-1 college sports should follow suit in punishing Georgia.

    The editor thinks the NFL, NBA and NCAA should follow MLB’s lead. Sure, it will hurt working people and businesses, but that’s a price he seems eagerly willing to pay.

    Corporate Communist Blackmail is exactly what this is.

    And why should that editor care if others are hurt by his call for economically hurt working people and businesses?

    “It is true that such boycotts would financially impact some working people of Atlanta like concession stand workers and businesses that thrive off the crowds attending the games,” he adds. “But those same people are having their access to voting diminished with a bevy of suppression laws.”

    Yep. Hurting businesses and the earnings of lower-wage workers is all worth it to fight “suppression laws” that don’t actually exist.

    But then, it is a state not being ruined by the dems corruption and incompetent leadership.

    So they want the big corporations to step in a ruin people for them.

    As for those who say that presenting an ID when showing up to vote is equal to suppression, answer this question if you work for Major League Baseball:

    When showing up at a ballpark’s will call to get tickets, why must you show ID to be given the tickets being held under your name? Is that suppression?

    If you work for Delta, try tackling this one:

    If an ID is needed to board one of your planes, why shouldn’t one be needed to enter a voting booth?

    What?  FACTS? ! ?  Oh my head!

    Overall, 74 percent of registered voters in a University of Georgia/Atlanta Journal Constitution poll support laws that require voters to include a copy of their photo ID in order to vote by mail. Nationally, the latest YouGov/Economist poll also shows support for such a requirement by a 53-28 percent margin.

    So the majority WANT a stronger, more secure vote.

    But those currently  in power don’t?

    What does that tell you of those currently in power?

    Major League Baseball is moving its All-Star Game out of Atlanta over lies told by those running the country. The woke mob won’t stop there.

    Not until our rights and freedoms are gone, and their tyrannical regime is permanently safe from the masses.





    Lots of other things to watch. These are highlights, so it’s faster than the real thing, but it’s one thing I’d watch instead of pro sports.


    I gave up on “PRO-SPORTS” before it was cool. When they fucked with Bocephus I knew a bad moon was rising.

    If you want to have sports, got to High School and College games, they still mean something and the kids still play with heart.
    And College is About the tailgates and food. Hell I have friends from all over the SEC from the tailgating.

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