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    You don’t need to watch it, I didn’t watch it either lol  but just read the title… this resumes what is the nba right now… hollywood + politics

    I miss the old nba … this right now… this is not sports… this is nothing… just rich people fooling around and getting more richer, while they brainwash naive people.

    oh and guess what, they stop the kneeling thing lol I guess Kamala fixed everything, yay





      The NBA is completely dead. I will never go back. LeChina James killed the NBA.



      Woke Jam: the new lunacy with queen lebron is going to be technically fouled out the film.

      M. Jordan is the G.O.A.T.  he sold seats, he sold merchandise, he got people not into basketball following, etc.

      lebronie is a CCP-agent, a T.O.A.D (terrible on any day) he is making people leave watch, stop buying merchandise, etc.


      I have sworn off pro sports since the beginning of 2020. Sports has become too political. I watched sports, movies, non news TV, ect to escape from politics. I’ve sworn off a lot of that since 2020.


      Since I cut the chord and left sports behind, I enjoy watching running videos and also, endurance training videos. Just watching people put on their shoes and go running or biking. I started to go outside more after so many hours of watching sports in life.


      I still watch sports. I like sports. It makes me happy


        I miss the 90s NBA.



        I miss the 90s.


        I love basketball and I love(d) nba. I love Jordan and T-Mac (my all time favorite player). Lebron deserves some respect for what he achieved as a player but I gotta say he’s also to blame for what the NBA has become, with the super teams, with the politics inside the sports, with the baby crying all the time, with the refs pressure and with the division. I can’t watch a whole game of NBA basketball at the moment, it’s completely unwatchable.

        Just now I tried to give it a chance and started watching a little bit of the game Warriors vs Lakers on espn. Jesus Lord… what was that?! 50% of the playing time the commentators didn’t talk about the game! It was all about politics, black history, feminism, lesbian promotion and racism. I’m not joking, all these topics were discussed in those 20 minutes I watched. This is not a sport anymore, even if we can agree or disagree about the politics, I just wanted to watch a fucking basketball game.

        RIP NBA.


        Yay, the sport of professional BASKETBALL is dead.

        But the woke propaganda program is still on.






        NBA’s viewership continues to drop. Now they have somewhere between 942,000-1,095,000. I think the NBA will run out of money and be no more. When. I’m not sure.


        The teams will all relocate to communist chyna.

        They want to build the game there while tearing down the game here anyway.

        How soon can you leave?

        You won’t be missed by me anyway.

      Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 73 total)
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