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    When I saw this web board I new I needed to get in.

    I used to be a big San Antonio Spurs fan. But crap started to hit the fan when the Spurs coach started talking nonsense against Trump and going all SJW. I also used to be in a FB Spurs group but it went crazy with SJW crap and talking all sorts of crap against Trump when the election was stolen from him. I spoke up and immediately a FB admin of the group gave me crap about it in the sense of  “suck it up or get out”. I told him that the FB group was about basketball and that there was no place for politics and talking junk about Trump and Trump supporters, but he ignored me and even rubbed it in my face. That’s when I knew it was over and that the NBA was no longer about basketball, it had turned into an SJW crap hole. I made a video burning Spurs merch, posted it in the group, and got out of worthless SJW FB group.

    Fast forward to today. I HOPE THE NBA goes up in flames. I hope more people stop watching and supporting the NBA because it’s a dumpster fire of woke nonsense.

    When I talk to people and they say they watch the NBA I come out and tell them that they need to stop watching that garbage because it’s not basketball. It’s a bunch of wussy SJWs bouncing a ball while making millions of dollars but say they’re oppressed. The NBA is a nutjob woke league.








    nba right now:

    lol no one cares, everyone’s tired, even the players


    NBA is something I would never even consider watching. Growing up, I was hooked on it and it was probably the biggest time waster of my entire life and I regret ever even watching basketball. At this point in my life. I can honestly say I’ll never go back. I have no real beef with fandom. Fans have actually replaced entertainers for me. I like the takes of the people.


      Here is the thing, Plenty of BIG Youtubers come here… Why doesn’t 1 of them take the time to do a video on all “19” black deaths by Police, and simply show how many of them had they simply obeyed police orders would have survived the encounter?

      The Narrative vanishes when the truth comes out.

      As to the NBA, well All pro-sports and even entertainment…. 1 job and only 1, Entertain us. It is time everyone who is tired of their shit stops watching them or buying merch, the Closed Wallet will say it louder than any tweet. Now a professional letter to the owners and sponsors why you wont buy their product THAT IS LOUDER than any tweet…. Social Media by-in-large is ignored from big companies unless it has left-support…. But letters to them still has effect.


      NBA is trash and people need to boycott it cold turkey, STOP GIVING THE NBA MONEY. It’s now a BLM propaganda machine, and LeBron is the main character.


      Boo hoo boo.

      The LA Wokers are out of the playoffs.

      Boo hoo hoo.

      The 36-year-old asked to come out of the game midway through the fourth and walked back on defense on several occasions. It’s the type of behavior we’re used to seeing LeBron criticize his own teammates for.

      Rules for thee, not for me.

      Boo hoo hoo.

      It’s the only first-round exit of his career.

      And if he does not retire, then it might not be the ONLY time in his career either.




      After the game, James said that he would not compete in the rescheduled Tokyo Olympics, admitting that a regular offseason was necessary. Instead, he referenced “Space Jam 2,” which will be released this summer.

      So instead of playing and trying to win GOLD for the US, the court jester would instead want to watch himself in a scripted games were he “wins”.

      “I think I’m going to play for the Tune Squad this summer instead of the Olympics,” James said, via Bleacher Report’s Sean Highkin. “We’re gonna gear up to beat the MonStars, or the Goon Squad, I guess they’re called now.”

      Talks about EGO!



      I think it’s a matter of time before the USA team gets beat badly. This is something that all the modern fans will not acknowledge, which is the original Dream Team. They should go back to amateurs, in my opinion, but the USA wanted that gold so bad, so they went pro. What is going to happen when the world starts beating the top USA players? Will the NBA get as much respect? Your top player is not interested in winning for the country and I think that reflects a lot of the attitude of the globalist executives now is that they are actively interested in undermining the USA as a country. If you want to be a fan, that is fine, you do you. If it’s part of your job to cover it, that’s on you, but I can’t understand following people that want you gone. The NBA is openly hateful and hostile towards the country and it’s people. I’ll never support the NBA again. ManUpJC said it better than I ever could, as I try not to get to volatile, but he’s right. Saying bye to the NBA is not enough, we must say DOWN with the NBA.


      There are Pro-World Championships.

      There are amateur World Championships.


      I always disliked the fact the Olympics, the pinnacle of AMATEUR sports, has been infected by Pro (egotistics) athelets.

      Now those same Pros, who could not get a GOLD metal as an amateur have been doing it now as a pro, taking away that opportunity from the amateurs.


      NBA players should NOT be in the Olympics.

      NHL players should NOT be in the Olympics.

      MLB players should NOT be in the Olympics.

      FIFA players should NOT be in the Olympics.




      And this speaks of the class that is James.

      …James refused to shake hands with the competition, instead opting to head straight to the locker room.

      It’s a pretty bad look for LeBron, especially because he’s a seasons veteran with experience winning and losing in the playoffs.

      Class act.  Pure class form james.

      It was a disrespectful move by James, and one that reeks of sour grapes.

      And with that, there is absolutely no way the words james and GOAT belong in the same sentence, other than to say there is NO WAY this loser belongs in any GOAT conversation.

      A sore loser, a horrible person, class-less, a marxist and CCP sympathizer.


      So much for being a “player-friendly” league



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