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    @DigiCat Konosuba, the only ikesai anime I’ve ever cared for. It’s basically just one giant parody of the genre.

    Be sure to file the blue thing under “u” for “useless.”


    The blue thing is so useless it can’t even win a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors.


    Mah boi Kazuma is a true chad. I’m so proud of him.



    Konosuba! 2 – Gender Equality

    I think Kazuma’s my new hero 🥳


    Kazuma: The living definition of an Anti-Simp. Absolute madlad.


    I really hope they make season 3 of Konosuba. Those first 2 were hilarious.


    Here is one from Martian Successor Nadesico. I loved this when it first aired.


    “All right little green bean, tell him to make a Dragonball Evolution 2!

    It’s been more than ten years, and this is still hilarious. XD




    Never Pause Naruto:

    To say Studio Pierrot cut corners would be an understatement.


    Never Pause Naruto, Part II:

    0:50 – what even is that pose lol


    This is tragically the story of a lot of men in the United States.


    It’s not a true a bromance until both of them find ways to annoy the other.

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 90 total)
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