G. I Joe : A Real American Hero

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    This image has so much nostalgia and I can’t really explain how amazing this is – it’s just beautiful ❤️


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    Is that Lionel Playworld ?


    I remember when toys r us used to look like this for the GI Joe and Transformers isles.

    Now we are reduced to having to buy stuff online or simply get lucky.


    I think it’s Children’s Palace


    Never heard of it before.

    I miss Playworld, it always smelled like summertime inside (because of the swimming pools).  They had toys stacked up to the ceiling just like that.


    That is a memory for sure. Many a weekend was spent pacing the Toy R Us Joe aisle, and since I had a generous mom….I usually walked away with something.

    Those were the days.

    And I do behold on the bottom shelf…the USS Flagg…yes…I was that kid who had the Flagg. Made the mistake of building it in my bedroom, though. It was at sea for over a decade because of that.

    When my Joes were on missions, they usually ended up running out of the Mobile Command Center:





    I loved this thing.


    I dont remember that thing at all. That is so cool.


    The memories. 80’s toys will always be the best. I remember Christmas of 85 when my parents gave me Castle Greyskull and the USS Flag. Sadly, the Flagg was sold at a garage sale 5 years after when I stopped playing with toys. Damn, if only I could travel back in time to 85. Lol.


    my fave Joe memory is the f16 fighting eagle(skystriker) with ripcord fig in that dumb astronaut get up which i swapped for Hawk and the cobra mamba. i loved skystriket because of the way the wings popped out and it was an actual plane. wish mine hadn’t broken. I miss those 2 christmasses
    my friend collects all the 12 inch including RAH Joes minty

    Krista Novva

    G.I Joe Retro Line Confirmed!

    gijoe (2)


    I have a few of the Real American Hero figures. Unfortunately, the rubber band inside that held the legs together have dry rotted on most of them. I never had any of the big playsets or vehicles though.

    I have Duke, Flint, Lady Jaye, Shipwreck, Iceberg (I think that was his name), and Sgt. Slaughter


    I unfortunately agree with Jeremy that the new 6″ Classified Joe figures look kind of shitty. They all look like they’re wearing shin guards for some odd reason

    and they sadly are not just 6″ versions of the old ones. Too bad. I hope they don’t fuck up Zartan.


    Even if the new movie sucks, at least we’ll get some good merchandise!  Six inch line is hit or miss for me; some look great, some look terrible.  Really looking forward to the Retro line, although Walmart will make them impossible to find.
    Big announcements at the end of the week!


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    <p data-wp-editing=”1″>Jeremy are you gonna do a live reaction to this stream?</p>
    <p data-wp-editing=”1″>GIjoe</p>


    I collect the 25th/modern line today.

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