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    Without getting into a rant critic reviews and sites have become a joke that’s not even funny anymore.

    I suggest we need a player review system, you have to create an account and share your purchase receipt and your play data proving you actually played it.

    Optionally with a video upload of your gameplay.

    No critic’s seperate review, if they want to upload than it will be along side everyone’s.



    That’s a not really a good idea.
    Contrary to popular “consoomer” belief, you dont always have to purchase something to know it’s bad.

    Just go to trusted sources. Go watch gameplay on youtube or twitch.  Listen to the reviews of people that value the same thing in games you do. Read the 3 star reviews (the most objective) on Amazon.  Talk to friends that have it, Read the reviews people will post in the forums here,  etc. etc.
    And stop getting offended because something doesnt get the score you think it should. As a big fan of niche Japanese games,  I know a numbered review on a random site means much less than a review from someone that shares the same love I do for those types of games.
    Everyone knows the shills exist. Most know they dont need to listen to them because they are alternatives.
    Basically, stop creating a problem that doesnt exist just so you can find a solution to it.
    People doing that is why society, in general, is in the state in it’s on now.
    Everyone knows the shills are gonna shill but everyone also knows where to go for honest opinions.


    I seek out different sources out of necessity because bad experiences have soured my trust in those review sources.

    Most people don’t look at these alternative reviews until after they get burnt over and over again.

    I didn’t create the problem but the current system is so corrupt it can’t be ignored anymore.

    Years ago as the average gamer I did a quick search and that was it, most people will never watch hours of YouTube to find out if this new product is a shit show or not.

    I wasn’t looking to start shit but the shills are out of control and the review bombing on both sides is just making things worse.


    The problem with sites like Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes is the corporate money that comes in to keep the sites running. Once company money gets involved, the true spirit of the site gets lost.

    Usually if I am looking at possibly buying a game, I look at the user reviews that are on the console’s online store. For instance, when I look at a game on the XBox store, I look at the player reviews there as they all have to legit players (you can’t review if you’re not logged into your gamertag) and I don’t think the system will let you review unless you own the game.


    If a review site wants to be taken seriously they need to be free of the Corporate money.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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