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    I heard last night that here in Australia the upcoming Xbox game The Medium has been banned at this time due to denied classification from the ratings board.

    Why? I don’t know but hopefully it’s a small issue and not a censoring concern.

    I don’t want to see anything banned because the content was confronting and hurt your fee fees.

    Recently we banned some Manga because of “child pornography”… I’ve seen some confronting scenes on anime but nothing I would ban.


    Movies, comics/manga, tv, games, entertainment, sports, etc.  creative control is being throttled because of SJW’s and political correctness.


    Welcome to the Dark Ages/Inquisitions of the 21st century.


    Any game that will be classified MA15+ or R18+ has a good chance of being banned in Australia. I am not sure what Classification The Medium was going for but they could reapply.


    How long it could take for the reapplication to go through I am not too sure, some games take longer than others. Hopefully for the studios sake the game sells well in other countries because there is no guarantee they will get into the Australian Market.


      Australia is becoming the 2nd china.

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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