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    hey all, there have been alot of remakes here lately in games so here is a list i thought should be made, what games should be remade redone or updated etc.

    • Sins of a solar empire…i absolutely loved this RTS, creating a space empire from scratch taking over the universe all of it was so great, tye gameplay, the story of the different factions yeah this game is def ripe for a remake.
    • World in conflict…Alternate history game where the soviets invaded the united states ala red dawn but before that they invaded Europe etc. great gameplay, no base building you got resources by completing objectives, killing enemy troops etc then could call in reinforcements, and special attacks. very innovative for the time
    • Homefront: ok this is for the first one not the sequel that butchered everything, i never played the MP as i didnt have HS internet at the time but the SP was great to play, the story characters all of it, only problem was it was too short. you could finish it in maybe 10 hours which was a shame.
    • Star wars:republic commando. this game deserves a sequel screams for one, but a remake is also in order( i think they are doing one but i aint too sure)
    • medal of honor. I know alot of people did not like this game, i thought it was good i admit it had problems but i think they should try again update it a little and i think it could give COd or BF a run for its money.

    that is all i could think of let me know what you all think.


    SOCOM u.s. navy seals


    Surprised that Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow haven’t had remakes yet all the main Pokemon RPG’s have had remakes or updates (I’ve got sooo much to catch up on and I only got Sun and Moon last month).

    Would also like to see a Pokemon Stadium 3 since we’re now getting a Pokemon Snap sequel (about time lol!).


    Whenever this conversation comes around I have two answers:

    1) Chrono Trigger. Give CT a remake using the Dragon Quest VIII and XI graphics model. 3d Toriyama graphics, since he did the original designs for CT, would be amazing. A nice mix of menu and action controles, and add in full orchestral soundtrack for the game, and it would be videogame ambrosia.

    2) Final Fantasy VI. I know VII Remake will be years in the finishing, but with the success of VII Remake, SE needs to do a VI Remake, because if any classic RPG deserves an overhaul and fresh coat of paint it is VI. VI was an incredible story with a great cast of characters.

    Honorable Mention: If I’m calling for FF VI to get the Remake Treatment, then I’d want FF VIII to get it as well, because that game doesn’t get enough love.


    @DragonLady Pokemon Gen I got remakes on the GBA almost two decades ago (like… 2004. Damn, I was still in high school, then): They’re called Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen.

    Of course, that was so long ago and I don’t think they’ve been re-released since. Only way to get them is used in their original format.


    Legacy of Kain : Soul Reaver

    • Rakion: an arena PvP brawler that was pretty fun, would need some love graphic wise. In this game players can choose between an archer, a ninja, an heavy fighter, a swordman and a small mage
    • Bloodline Champion: another arena PvP brawler but this one is top-down view. It basically was remade into Battlerite, which is good but a bit different than BLC
    • WarRock: a free-to-play Battlefield clone that was a lot of fun, with modes like Close Quarter Combat (5vs5) and larger battlefield with tanks, helicopters, planes, etc.
    • Knight Online: technically it has a spiritual successor in development (Rise Online). We’ll see how this game evolves
    • Guild Wars: this game aged so well and is so good that it doesn’t really need a remake, but maybe a relaunch so more people get to know about it



    Chrono Trigger
    Phantom 2040
    Def Jam
    True Crime


    Wonder boy in monster land

    Kid chameleon

    Paper boy

    Azure dreams


    Vandal hearts

    Robocop vs terminator

    Legend of mana

    Mega lo mania

    Breath of fire 3!!

    Lord of the rings 2 on mega drive


    Track and field

    I could go on and on but if they cant/won’t do it right, then none of them!!


    The classic Need for Speed games, especially Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit and Need for Speed High Stakes. Not only are these games fun to play, but they also have in my opinion some great music to go along with the fast-paced racing and the exotic, futuristic-looking cars.


    With VR on the horizon, almost any game could be remade to accommodate new virtual reality technology. On a side note, others here have their ideas for video games, so here is mine. Since PaperBoy was mentioned, I think it should be Drone Delivery, or DroneBoy. Pilot drones and drop the newspapers, or books or small packages. That way, players get adapt at dropping on driveways or front porches and get the skills if they have trouble automating those drones. Instead of a dog chasing you or cars, I guess you’d have to avoid birds and lamps and telephone wires. You could also maybe have dogfights with drone pirates that want to steal merch? I dunno.

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    Having dogfights in paperboy? Hmm not too sure of that but I like your idea of modernising it


    As news nowadays is mostly digital and heavily spun to fit an agenda, maybe racing against that in some way or another? Like trying to get the truth out

    My how times have changed…


    Super Mario 64 remade with Nintendo Switch graphics and all the extra courses of Mario 64 DS, plus some new ones. All the characters of Mario 64 DS, except Yoshi is swapped with Waluigi and Yoshi is made into a power-up.

    Silent Hill 1-3 remade with the same quality as the recent Resident Evil remakes.

    A Sonic game with all the Genesis levels remade into 3D. They’ve flirted with this in previous games.

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