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      Just finished Stray, and really enjoyed it. Exploring the city as a cat was very fun, along with being as mischievous as I could. Being able to climb up on so many places kind of reminded me of the old Assassin’s Creed games I played on the 360, except you’re climbing around as a cat instead of a human. I really tried to explore as much of the environments as I could. The story was more interesting than I expected. Got my face grinning, and admittedly even got my eyes watering. I expect to go back to collect the other secrets and collectables that slipped passed me. Definitely would recommend this game to someone.

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        @Helen09 : Ya. I got Cyberpunk when it came out on PS4 Pro, but it was HORRIBLE. So I waited at year until the PS5 version came out, and by then I had a PS5. I loved it, for the most part. I had a lot of fun and played about 100hrs.

        I did NOT like that you were eventually limited on points and could not just max out every tree and get everything, THAT pissed me off. I am not a person who likes to change builds and such in a game, I like to just have everything eventually and have fun.


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        Souls Games are really something special :P   So difficult, but so enjoyable.


        I jumped back on WoW not too long ago. Aside from the woke crap they did, the game still feels the same and honestly does not feel like much has changed. I’m still butthurt that I didn’t get the obsidian world breaker mount and even though a duplicate mount is coming out this anniversary, I’m bummed still I don’t have to OG one.

        Oh well, I still have a million other things other people don’t have 😂


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        Well, CyperPunk mentioned above.
        New trailer for newer game.


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      Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)
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