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    I’d like to opine on this weeks podcast. Generally, I love listening to it; the debates about cyberpunk are necessary.

    However, the debate about Nintendo and whether they should charge $60 for Skyward Sword went on a little too long today. The same arguments came up again: Nintendo overcharging on old games, not allowing modders to patch up their games, etc.

    Again, it’s just my opinion. Keep up the good work.






      Jeremy’s double standard when it comes to Nintendo annoys me but the other 3 are the most entertaining members of the G+G team. So, it’s, overall, enjoyable. But, sometimes I find myself thinking Jeremy would be better working in the background (Other times, I’m like, “Fuck Yeah, Jeremy! Right on point.”. Calling out right-wing cancel culture on Drunk 3PO’s stream made me happy)
      I’m a big fan of what he’s put together and he seems like a good dude but the way he debates is the most annoying shit. I tune out of Friday Night Tights, as well, when he starts that stuff.

      But, yeah, overall, good stream. I’m was happy when Marc started getting more attention.  He is the most under appreciated member of the team. It’s the best gaming/Terminator stream on youtube. haha


      I didn’t watch this one, but usually it’s very entertaining and their chemistry is always great. I think most of the time Jeremy is having fun and making jokes, we can’t take him seriously with his nintendo bias lol. He’s fooling around all the time during the lives, and I think most of us like it.
      But sure, the canadian Cyborg is the best when it comes to real gaming analysis ;)

      Ryan and Lethal are 2 cool bros, always on point. :)



    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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