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    I suggested this on one of Jeremy’s YouTube posts, but didn’t get an answer. Not sure how feasible it would be on the website side, but I believe Geeks and Gamers should have a movie/tv/video game review and scoring section. Could test it out with premium members and staff first and roll it out to the free side later as bugs get worked out.

    We all know Rotten Tomatoes is rigged. Metacritic is OK, but not ideal. IMDB is as close to honest as you get these days, but is still mega-bombed for reviews. None of the major sites that allow user scores are reliable.

    What are the thoughts?


    As it currently stands, video game/movie/television reviews are limited to our current staff writers. If you are interested in becoming one of our contributing review writers, then feel free to reach out to me or another mod/admin.


    Perhaps when I can get a less chaotic schedule, I may do that. But I was meaning more in the style of Rotten Tomatoes/Metacritic, but tailored to Geeks & Gamers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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