Gender-Neutral Toys = Bankruptcy

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    I sent the following email to Hasbro after watching this Geek + Gamers video,

    Let’s think about this… how many non-binary couples are able to produce children? How many liberals are aborting their kids? How many children are conservatives having? So you want to cater specifically to the non-binary couples who can’t have any kids? I’m an adult white male conservative and when I was a child my cousins and I played with your Mr. and Mrs. Potato head toys. Twitter isn’t real life. And the news is biased towards stupidity so most of us intelligent people watch YouTube or other online videos not related to any news agency to get the real news. Next time you want to make a change in your product line remember, according to Harvard, conservatives are having 41% more children than liberals and non-binary couples can’t have any.

    End of email sent to

    One of my best friends in high school was gay. I’m for the United States Constitution which allows and protects freedom of belief. If someone wants to believe they are a unicorn that’s fine. If someone wants to tell me I’m wrong or evil or racist because I’m a conservative that is NOT ok. And lets get real… which political ideology is having the most babies in the USA? Conservatives! It’s not mean, it’s not racist, it’s simply fact.


    No surprise, and more stuff like that will start happening.

    That man/woman (rachel levine?) from Biden administration is very dangerous for our world, for real. Being on twitter is one thing, but being in the white house is a whole different thing… this is crazy.



    It has also been proven that when children are raised at home without “social engineering”, if they put them in a room with toys, generic females go and play with traditional female toys (even when males toys are closer).  The same with generic males.  They will go and play with traditional male toys even if female ones are closer.  Same with cloths.  If given free choice, female children tend to go for the more feminine clothing/colors while the male children tend to go for the more masculine clothing/colors.


    Boys are boys.

    Girls are girls.

    Stop trying to make them think their natural instincts are wrong.


    So this moving to remove gender from toys is shameful.

    I don’t want to buy a trans-gender-fluid potato head for my kids/nieces/nephews/etc.


    I don’t/won’t buy a genderless barbie for my kids/nieces/etc.

    I don’t/won’t buy a genderless he/she-man/wahman for my kids/nieces/nephews/etc.


    Making them androgynous is a money losing idea.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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